Sunday, March 8, 2020

Oreo Cookies 'N Creme Pudding

Oreo makes pudding? Guess so!

The end result is a creamy pudding with bits of Oreo in it. But, let's get to the making of it.

This pudding needs to be mixed first. Ian and his super good reading told us everything we'd need, how long it needed to set, and how many servings it would make.

For this recipe, we just need two cups of milk. Thank you Alli!

A quick mix with the hand mixer and then it goes into the fridge. Five minutes is the minimum. We made it before dinner and had it for dessert.

It certainly looks like the filling inside of an Oreo.

The kids thought it was yummy. I thought it was good, but honestly I would have liked bigger chunks of Oreo pieces. I suppose I can always do it myself afterwards by crushing up Oreo Cookies and mixing them in.

It's been a fun day of trying lots of different Oreo treats on this National Oreo Cookie Day!


  1. Since Alli & Ian are so familiar with various cooking/baking adventures already, the pudding was a breeze for them! Must be fun (and proud feeling) for Ian to be able to read the cooking/making instructions on the box...great way to practice reading/comprehension skills. Like the idea of breaking bits of Oreo cookies into the pudding just prior to eating...or using the cookie halves to "scoop-eat" the pudding for an Oreo-in-every-bite taste. EOM

    1. Lately they both deemed themselves permanent helpers in the kitchen. Any time I'm making dinner I can call for them and they'll come running to help. Love their attitudes!