Sunday, March 1, 2020

Lemon Crisp Kit Kats

Kit Kat is on a roll. For Halloween they made Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats. At Christmas it was Sweet Cinnamon. Valentine's Day brought Raspberry Creme. I was looking forward to what they'd come out with next. I thought it would be something Easter related.
On a recent trip to Colorado, my brother surprised me with a bag of these new Lemon Crisp Kit Kats! Not Easter related, but instead a celebration of Spring!

The packaging is nice and bright. There are lemon slices and flowers on both the outer packaging and the individual packages.

The bar itself is also yellow, like you'd expect from a lemon flavored candy.

The back of the packaging.

Enough talk. Let's eat them!

They smell wonderful. Both Ian and I thought they tasted quite a bit like Nothing Bundt Cake's Lemon flavor. Perhaps it's a hint of vanilla in the wafers, or the white chocolate creme.
Either way, they're pretty delicious. Love all the variety.


  1. Packaging is definitely cherry and bright looking...a burst of spring sunshine! The lemon flavor sounds like another flavor to enjoy! EOM

    1. It was great! I've heard they're going to be selling some new flavors in the regular size bars coming soon too. Gotta keep my eyes open!