Sunday, February 23, 2020

Frosted Strawberry Donettes

For our next "didn't quite make it before valentine's" taste test, we're trying out Frosted Strawberry Donettes.

These are pretty much identical to the regular chocolate donettes but the donut inside is strawberry flavored.

Alli was excited of course that they were pink. And her shirt also has a pink donut on it.

What's the verdict? Both kids give them a thumbs up. I thought the addition of strawberry made them even more tasty than usual. Theresa also agreed.


  1. Ian has that "I'm in donut heaven" look!! Alli sure knows how to pick her shirts for the taste tests :-) First time seeing strawberry-chocolate donuts! EOM

    1. Ha. He closes his eyes and savors things often. And he surprises me sometimes too. I'll ask him if he wants another one, and he'll say "No thanks". It's not often a kid will turn down a treat.