Sunday, February 16, 2020

Disneyland with Jon

We've got visitors! My brother and his family are in town! While they're here we're going to Disneyland!

Of course we're going to eat at our favorite Korean restaurant.

And the kids love to hang out with their cousins.

And reading with Gram.

Time for Disneyland! The park opened at 8am this morning, but we weren't trying to get there for that. Instead it's 9am, and the lines are still backed up to get in.

We're in!

The first ride of the day is Finding Nemo.

We always travel on planes, never under water!

Who is up for some spinning rides? We are!

And these fellows.

I have been on Star Tours dozens of times. Never been "The Rebel Spy". These guys go on it one time and Isaac was the chosen one!

A few of us went on Big Thunder Mountain. The others rode Buzz Lightyear, getting tips from Theresa on the best targets to shoot for the most points.

Around lunchtime the whole group went to The Enchanted Tiki Room.

Because they let you eat food while you watch the show. Uncrustables for everybody!

Time for dessert. Gram and Pop Pop gave all the kids $10 to spend on whatever they liked. Alli opted for a Churro.

It's getting pretty busy here today. Normally we'd ride Winnie the Pooh while we're back here, but the posted wait time is 30 minutes!
Ian and many of the others wanted a giant sugar stick from Pooh Corner.

The Jungle Cruise has a 30 minute wait, but the line was moving pretty quick. Only 20 minutes to get to the boat.

Us space cadets reported for duty to Buzz Lightyear.

We were very fortunate to pull a Radiator Springs Racers Fastpass. Did everyone get lucky because the line for fastpass was backed up all the way to the traffic light. It ended up taking 30 minutes to get to the front of the line.

Hey! Look what Theresa picked up!

It's a popcorn bucket! Last year around this time there was a Mickey Mouse Steamboat Mickey bucket that I picked up. This year it's a Steamboat Minnie! And it's awesome because it's a refillable bucket! For $20 to buy and $1.50 for every refill we'll be rolling in popcorn until March 29th.

Finally to the front of the line! Theresa and Ian versus the six of us.

Racing Theresa

2nd place

And here's the 1st place car! Woo hoo! Winners!

Soarin! And we're in the best section in the best row! Center section, top! No stretched screens or dangling feet for us.

Smile everyone!

Soarin was supposed to be our last ride of the day. But checking the fastpass, despite having a 45 minute wait, I was able to get us on the Grizzly River Run. T and Alli sat this one out, so the 8 of us perfectly fill up a raft.

Ian loves this ride. He laughs when he gets wet, and he laughs even harder if someone else gets wet.

Like Eli.

Poor Eli.

And Monsters Inc is now on the Fastpass system. I've seen some long lines for it before, but never 60 minute waits. That's crazy.

4pm and it's time to go home and eat pizza! Fun day!


  1. Nice day for a Disneyland and DCA visit. Looks like the weather cooperated and gave all the visiting family a beautiful day to enjoy themselves. "Racing Theresa" has that "wild, race car driver" look (hair flying and big smile/laugh at the opposing car) :-)...nice shot! EOM

    1. It's great having family come to visit, and fun making new memories with them. Disneyland is great for that.
      That was a good shot of Theresa wasn't it.