Sunday, February 2, 2020

A Disneyland visit with Megan

Aunt Megan is here visiting us in California. She was supposed to leave on Saturday, but the weather is so nice she decided to extend her visit. What do we usually do on Sundays? Go to Disneyland!
Megan loves Disney too, so she's coming along too! She's hoping to have a better day than that rainy Thanksgiving Day we spent together at Disneyland.

Tickets are getting pretty expensive, and so we're starting this day as early as practical. I was happy that we parked fairly quickly and were inside the park by 8:15am. The park opened at 8am, but it was too late to get a Rise of the Resistance boarding group. Those are still gone within the first 3 minutes of park opening. I saw a big wave of people leaving just as our group entered.

I started grabbing fastpasses as soon as we had scanned in. Our very first ride of the day, which was basically a walk-on, was Pirates of the Caribbean.

And next walked over to Winnie the Pooh. We get to sit in all three rows, and Ian got to sit by himself.

Alli is enjoying her Aunt Megan.

Tradition dictates that we visit Pooh Corner and at least look at all the snacks after a ride on Winnie the Pooh.

It's 5 minutes until 9am, so the store isn't open quite yet.

Ian and Alli love seeing what candies are being made. I bet they'd love to do some kind of cooking classes.

What treats do we have today?
Cookies and Cream fudge for Megan, a chocolate and caramel marshmallow wand for Theresa, a Tigger Tail (orange flavor) for Ian, and a red velvet cake pop with marshmallow ears for Alli.

Sharing is always fun.

Megan hasn't been on the submarines since she was little. They've changed quite a bit now that Finding Nemo is here.

And yes Megan, you are correct that they've changed just about all of the voice cast for this ride, including Marlin, Dory, and Nemo.

We've got to get a photo in front of the castle all together. But... it's a little bright right now. All the adults are just fine, but the kids don't wear sunglasses so they had a rough go of it.

We're near Fantasyland. What's a short line? How about Pinocchio?

And then a spin on the teacups.

Let's use a fastpass. The Matterhorn is a long standby line, but it's nice being able to walk right up and get on.

Theresa doesn't do these types of rides, so while we're on the coaster, Theresa ran out into Downtown Disney to get a couple bags of pretzel bites from Wetzel's Pretzels.

And then another fastpass for Space Mountain! The kids are getting some good roller coasters in today.

Megan is back there somewhere.

Ian will tell you that he loves Indiana Jones.

But he's still at this stage, ducking and hiding. It does get pretty scary in certain parts.

Alli isn't big enough for Indiana Jones just yet, so the two of us headed over to Big Thunder Mountain, eating pretzels while we took a ride.

Then the two of us explored Tarzan's treehouse, not just once, but twice. Bouncing around the bridge, hearing baby Tarzan, growling at Sabor, and seeing all the stuff scattered around.

Anything that makes noise is a winner.

I've been smelling these for the past few visits. It's finally time to buy a turkey leg for myself.

Look at that wrinkled nose, going in for a good bite.

It might be turkey, but that smokey flavor tastes a lot like bacon.

Since everyone is here, we're going to take another spin on Big Thunder Mountain.

The lines for Smuggler's Run is still a bit too long to wait for, but Megan wanted to see that full size Millennium Falcon. The land itself is pretty amazing to see.

One trip around it's a small world.

Then the four of us rode Star Tours.

It's a little bumpy, but Megan made it through.

One more ride on Buzz Lightyear.

And then one more ride on the Matterhorn. It's been a pretty good day for riding rides.

It's 3pm and this is usually when Theresa and I leave with the kids. But when you're paying $129 for a ticket + $15 for maxpass, you don't want to end your day after only 7 hours.
Theresa took the kids home and Megan and I were staying for just a little bit longer. Yes I'm missing the Super Bowl, but eh. None of my teams are in it this year anyway.


  1. What a big weather contrast between this visit and the Thanksgiving one...seeing So Cal sunshine and blue skies is more like it! Like that one picture of Alli leaning towards Aunt Megan on POC...just a nice capture. All those treats from Pooh Corner look so gooooooood :-) Cooking classes for Ian & Alli sound like a great, fun an interim, there's Goofy's Jr Chef class coming up at DCA! Those turkey legs are sooooooo big (and having a smoky bacon flavor must have been a pleasant surprise)...hard to resist them when its cooking aroma is so tempting :-) That was a full, fun morning & partial afternoon (and later). EOM

    1. Right? Blue skies is what So Cal is all about.
      I remember trying to do that Goofy Jr Chef last year! The kids had a lot of fun making those cookies. Thanks for the reminder that it's coming up again. We'll have to see if can make that happen again this year.
      The turkey legs are certainly delicious. Just wish they were a little cheaper. I think this was $13 or so.