Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Raspberry Créme Kit Kat - Valentines Kit Kats

As all the Christmas stuff was being taken down at the stores, all the Valentine candy started coming out. The kids were ready for another taste test, and even though it's still a month out, we're going to start tasting Valentines Candy. Time for some Raspberry Creme Kit Kats!

Now there's two ways this can go. Either it'll taste good, or it'll taste like medicine. I know that Kit Kat can make them taste good, based on when we sampled dozens of different flavors. But which one will this be?

The "cool" packaging is gone. No more crazy sunglass characters like the Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats or the Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats we tried last year.  These are packaged in a bright pink wrapper.

Ian flipped the package over and was able to find crazy characters though. On the back we're encouraged to make a Kit Kat Cupid and directed to Nothing is showing up there yet for how to make these, though it looks like marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and I can't tell what else.

What's the verdict on these?
Two thumbs up from the kids (but their judgement is sometimes questionable). I tried it, along with Theresa, and Jacob, and we all liked it too. It doesn't taste like medicine. It's a tasty raspberry creme. Try them yourself!

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  1. I was hopeful it would taste good...sounds like a winner. At a minimum, there should have been hearts on the individual packages, along with the colored wrapper! But I bet Alli was content to only see all that pink packaging :-) EOM