Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal taste test

Here's one that I found before Christmas, but we're just getting a chance to try them today. The makers of Cinnamon Toast Crunch have a Holiday flavor called Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch. Cool!

And you know for something like this, we're going to make some cookies to go along with it.

The kids are always excited to help out in the kitchen. I cracked the egg. Alli added the butter. Ian put in the mix.

Brown Bear helped stir everything together.

Alli is using a cookie scooper to get an exact amount of the cookie dough ready to bake.

Ian/Brown Bear helping too.

And any time I get out my lightbox to get the photos you see below, Alli is following close behind me. I've told her that the pictures seem to be better when she's helping me out, so she comes with me and hops on my back.

Looking good Alli! Thanks for the help.

The cereal itself looks very similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Just without that sprinkling of cinnamon.

Alright kids. You've been super patient. Let's eat.

Kids together - What do we try first?
Which do you want to try first?
Alli - The cookie!
Ian - The cereal!

Go ahead. Pick your favorite.

Mmm. The cookies turned out perfectly. A slightly crunchy outside and a chewy middle.

But the real question is, how does the cereal taste?
Probably more than any cereal I've tried, this Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch has nailed the flavor of a sugar cookie. It's light and sugary tasting. Plus on each piece, there is a dusting of fine sugar.
We give this cereal two big thumbs up. And it's Brown Bear approved!


  1. Surprise, surprise...the sugar cookie cereal actually tastes like the cookie :-) Chewy cookies are just the right texture (also picked trying the cookie first, too!) Brown Bear is getting a lot of different experiences with Ian, along with a variety of foods/treats. Alli is a great "lightbox" helper :-) :-)...cute photo there! EOM

    1. Brown Bear had a very busy weekend with us. Along with the trip to Disneyland, he went to a birthday party at a trampoline park too.
      I love that they like doing things like this.