Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows

Today we're in for a treat. It was about a year ago when we had a big Sour Patch Kids taste test. Then we had candy, cereal, ice cream, and ice pops that were Sour Patch Kids flavored.
At that time I knew these Sour Patch Kids marshmallows existed, but I could not find them anywhere. But then on a recent trip to Walmart I finally saw them!

And since the candies are so good, we're going to have them right along side the marshmallows.

I was happy to see that it's not just sour marshmallows that we're going to have, but that each of them are flavored just like their candy counterparts. Blue Raspberry, Redberry, Lemon, Orange, and Lime.

And look how they got the features into the marshmallow too!

The outside is a sugary candy coating, with the insides being marshmallow. Honestly it reminded me of those marshmallow Easter candies Peeps.

There's going to be three of us tasting these today, so I cut the marshmallows into thirds and pulled out three of each flavor candies.

Enough talking. Let's eat them!

First we taste the marshmallow, then the candy. Here's our thoughts.
Lime - Ian and I loved this one. It has a sour punch and a tasty lime flavor.
Orange - Just a little sour and a light orange flavor.
Lemon - I was really hoping this would be a really strong lemon flavor. I love lemon. This one though wasn't what I was hoping. Alli said it best. "It tastes like marshmallow."
Redberry - This flavor is unique to Sour Patch Kids and it's great.
Blue Raspberry - Also a good one. Probably my second favorite.

Everyone hold up their favorite flavor!
These were really tasty! I'm glad I finally found them!


  1. The detail on the marshmallow is surprising, and they look so cute, too! Lime (not necessarily Sour Patch candy) was always a favorite flavor among various choices...berry or lemon usually next, with orange pulling up the rear (something about the orange flavor never quite agreed with me) Looks like everyone enjoyed this taste test! EOM

    1. Grape is my go-to candy flavor. But I agree, fake orange flavor is at the bottom. Those were always the worst Flintstone vitamin flavors too.
      I have I finally found the marshmallows and that they didn't disappoint!

  2. Those look delicious! I have to try the if I ever see them at my local Walmart. How did you like the cereal? I thought it was terrible with milk but tasty by itself. I have a feeling the Redberry flavor is the same flavor they use in Swedish Fish! They taste the same to me.

    1. I loved the cereal. With milk it lost a bit of the sour punch. Much better dry.
      I haven't had swedish fish in forever. If I knew they tasted like redberry I would have had them sooner!