Monday, January 20, 2020

Reese's Puffs BIG Puffs Cereal

You might think that after that last taste test with 53 different Reese's things, we might be tired of Reese's. You'd be wrong.
I already think that Reese's Puffs are one of the best cereals out there. GM has a new one similar to it with even bigger Puffs.

And wow, look at those things. They're as big as cheese balls!

The back of the box, just because.

Side by side with the originals. That's a lot bigger! But really, how much bigger? The engineer in me wants to know.

Let's see. The original is about 1 cm in diameter. The BIG Puff is about 2 cm in diameter.
If you remember your high school geometry, you'll know that the volume of a sphere is equal to:
So the small puff has a volume of 0.5236 cm^3.
The BIG puff has a volume of 4.1888 cm^3.
The BIG puff is 8 times bigger than the regular puff!

Let's eat them!

The BIG ones are giant! I think the only other individual cereal pieces I can think of that might be bigger are Shredded Wheat cereal.
Flavor-wise, there's really no difference between the BIG pieces and the regular ones.
I guess you could say that there is more sugar coating on the regular ones because of the ratio of surface area to volume.

Either way, they get a big thumbs up from us!


  1. Looks like BIG puffs are great to eat out of hand...but a bit more awkward in a bowl of milk and a spoon (i.e., probably just one puff per spoonful!), unless you also use a BIG spoon :-) Your family definitely like their Reese's! EOM

    1. The big ones are great for snacking on for sure. Savory and delicious.