Saturday, January 11, 2020

My 12 year chocolate search is over - Cailler Honey Chocolate

Way way back in 2007, Theresa and I took a trip to Europe. One of the things I enjoy when we're traveling is trying different drinks and candies. While we were in a grocery store in Germany, I found a delicious chocolate bar that had little bits of honey in it, and I really enjoyed it.
After we got back from that trip, I tried to find something similar back home, but never had any success.

I couldn't even remember the brand. Thinking I remembered some wavy script, I thought it might have been something from Lindt. I checked World Market, Target, grocery stores, and even some specialty stores, but never could find it. Maybe it's a flavor they only make in Europe.
That's why, in 2013 when we were traveling to Florence Italy, I wanted to make a special stop to the Lindt Chocolate store. I even wrote about my search back then too.

But come Christmas 2019, Theresa has finally found it. The Swiss chocolate company Cailler is the company that makes it. Not Lindt. She found it and then waited until the wintertime to have it shipped. Imported all the way from Switzerland via
Let's taste it! I hope it's good after 12 years of waiting.

Inside, it certainly smells like the right thing. The chocolate is a little more aerated then I remember, but that doesn't mean anything. I can see the crystalized bits of honey that I loved before.

And as for the taste. Yep, this is what I remember. Delicious.

Thanks Theresa! Great job hunting it down.

And this milk chocolate is very melty. Mmm. Yum!

And just for myself, I'm putting a comparison of the two logos below. Even the colors look the similar.


  1. Ooooooooooooooooooo...sounds unusually delicious! The aerated texture is very different looking, but it's the taste that counts :-) Good detective work by Theresa! EOM