Thursday, January 9, 2020

Happy Birthday Theresa!

Happy Birthday Theresa!

The kids have been so excited for this day. All week they've been preparing for it. They made piñatas by wrapping up candy in paper, crumpling it, and tying yarn around it. And anything they found around the house was a potential present they would stow away and wrap up for later.

If we don't do dinner out, I like to make a tasty dinner at home. Filet mignon and the thickest king crab legs I've ever seen.

And now it's time for cake. For $15 you can get 4 different flavors from Nothing Bundt Cake. Red Velvet, Lemon, Carrot Cake, and Snickerdoodle.

Though I think we got the carrot cake mould that was only 1/2 filled. This cake is half the size of the lemon one beside it.

Time for presents! Like I said, the kids have a bunch of them. 

Some of Mommy's favorite soaps. And homemade cards are always nice.

My gift was a big bunch of flowers, plus the yearly calendar I make for her.
The Costco photo center lets you make a photo calendar with pictures on whichever day you like. My first calendar for her had pictures scattered here and there. These last few years, I put pictures on every single day. And for family member's birthdays I put a picture of them on that day. It's a bit of effort, but she reminds me constantly that she loves looking at it, so it's worth it.

Theresa got lots of help opening all her other presents.

And finally a quick video I threw together from the day. 


  1. Happy Birthday #39, Theresa!!! What a wonderful, blessed way to celebrate it. That "string of gifts" was a cute it! Mmmmmmmm...King Crab Legs :-) :-)...delicious birthday meal made with loving hands! That yearly calendar must be GORGEOUS...especially with pictures on EVERY DAY...that's definitely a labor of love! Enjoyed that birthday video! EOM

    1. That calendar is definitely a bit of labor. I start pulling everything together for it in November.
      Luckily I know what T likes as a meal, and I can cook it just fine by myself!