Sunday, October 27, 2019

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat and Pumpkin Pie M&Ms

Today we're celebrating Pumpkin Pie. Not pumpkin spice, that's something different. I've seen so many pumpkin spice things this season.
Both Kit Kat and M&M have released pumpkin pie versions of their candies. Alli and Ian made spooky paper people to go with the halloween themed treats.

The Kit Kats are new to us this year. The kids tasted the M&Ms last year, but why not try them again.

First up are the Kit Kats. We've tried Pumpkin Kit Kats before back when we tasted 28 unique Kit Kat flavors. I wonder if these will be the same?

They are a lot more orange than the ones we tried years ago. I like the packaging.

Ian, get a few for everyone.

We've got everyone here taking part in this taste test.

I think everyone was a little surprised about how much they enjoyed these. Definitely pumpkin pie flavored and not pumpkin spice. The pumpkin pie was a very strong flavor too.

Next are the Pumpkin Pie M&Ms. I don't think the packaging has changed at all since last year.

Still the same 3 colors inside. Brown, Orange, and White, corresponds to crust, pie, and whipped topping colors I'm guessing.

Ian's favorites in order were orange, white, and brown. Uh, buddy, they're all the same flavor.

Maybe it's because we tried the Kit Kats first, but the taste of these is very mild. First of all it's white chocolate, which means it's not too flavorful in the first place. You'd hope there'd be some pumpkin flavor backing that up, but it was hard to find in these M&Ms.

The clear winner today were the Kit Kats. Very tasty. And it makes me want to have another Kit Kat taste test.


  1. That Kit Kat flavor sounds yummy (doesn't hurt to have that wafer & chocolate base that I already like...I'd even choose a regular Kit Kat over regular M&M's any day, too!) Guess the suggestive power of color played with Ian's mind to make him think he was tasting different M&M flavors :-) Thought the individual Kit Kat wrappings were really cute...what cool shades! Btw, became intrigued at the mentioning of the 28 Kit Kat flavors, that was a wild assortment for tasting...the baked ones really sounded good, especially the Custard Pudding (amazing to think that a Kit Kat can be baked and taste like that!!!) EOM

    1. Really? Kit Kats over M&Ms? I think I would still choose the regular M&Ms. I would have never imagined you could bake a Kit Kat either.