Saturday, October 26, 2019

Latte Oreo Thins

A new Oreo flavor? Actually they came out earlier this year, but I guess we never did taste them.
These cookies are flavored like a latte. Let's dig in!

And like usual, we'll sample it with the item it's intended to taste like. Theresa's home coffee maker makes an excellent latte. Lots of foam and some very distinct layers of milk and coffee.

These Oreo thins are tiny. Super thin cookies and a very small layer of creme. Just one flavor creme going on here. It could have been a coffee layer and a milk creme layer, but no, it's just one.

The kids will get some tiny coffee cups too, thanks to Gram for those.

Do the kids like coffee?

Oh yes they do. Lots of milk and a bit of caramel syrup to mix in to their coffee.

But what about the cookies?
They get the thumbs up from the kids. I thought they were pretty good too. It's a super sweet coffee cookie, so if you like things sweet, these might be for you.


  1. Interesting cookie flavor...wonder how the cookie would taste if dipped in plain milk or the latte since the cookie is so thin and crispy. Is the caramel syrup something special for the kids' latte or do lattes normally include it? Regardless, sounds like the caramel syrup adds a nice flavor and "softens" the coffee taste. Have to admit that coffee smells better than it tastes for me :-) Alli has that natural "pinky" extension when holding her grown up beverage...just like a proper English girl :) Fun Oreo taste test with a latte! EOM

    1. The caramel is something we like to add. Coffee is way too bitter by itself and getting the caramel syrup makes it tastier than white sugar.