Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Mystery Oreos 2019

Well gang, looks like we've got another mystery on our hands.
Two mysteries actually. Thanks Gram for the magnifying glasses.

We'll start with these Mystery Oreo cookies.

The packaging gives nothing away.

Nor does the creme filling inside. No special colors. Nothing mixed into it. Just a familiar smell when you open the bag.

Let's dig in.
My first thought was some fall cookie. My mind took me to gingerbread as the flavor reminded me of the scent from the Holiday Haunted Mansion.
Jacob thought it was something like pumpkin spice. Not pumpkin flavor, but the spice blend for it.
Alli said "this is definitely a cinnamon cookie". I think she may be right.
Ian just thought it tasted like "spice".
Theresa said it was something "ucky". Too artificial smelling for her I suppose.

I thought they all tasted just fine, despite being artificial. The kids agreed with me.

Oreo is also giving us hints at what the flavor could be.
As of this writing, there have been 4 clues, with 4 more still to come.
Clue 1 - Its name it stole and history kept. Perhaps from a creature that lives on the steppe. (pictured is an outline drawing of a goat)
Clue 2 - Often paired with chocolate, hence why we chose it. We'll keep the suspense until everyone knows it. (an outline of a chocolate bar)
Clue 3 - History is divided on how they came to exist. A shepherd? a sailor? There's no easy fix. (an outline of a scroll and quill)
Clue 4 - At breakfast or late at night, this flavor gains fame. Or once every day when they're one and the same! (an outline of a sundial)

You can submit your guess as to what the flavor is here on Oreo's website. All correct answers will be entered for a chance to win $50,000!
So, go grab a bag, have a taste, and submit your best guess by November 10th 2019.


  1. Ahhhhhhh...the Mystery Oreos have finally arrived in the household :-) Poetic clues to whet one's imagination! Interesting to pair a "pumpkin spice" or "cinnamon" flavor with the chocolate cookie...nevertheless, the favorite part of the Oreo has always been the chocolate cookie for me :-) Magnifying glasses are the perfect instrument to help solve a thinking by Gram!!! EOM

    1. It's getting pretty close to finding out the correct answer. Now I'm starting to think it's churro based on the clues. I'm a fan of both the creme and the cookie. Actually more creme is better! The Most Stuf Oreos are perfect!