Saturday, October 12, 2019

National Farmer's Day - October 12th

Today is National Farmer's Day and so today we will celebrate the hard working men and women who help make the food that comes to our table.
Let's go to the Farmer's Market!

Ooh. And it's starting to turn into Fall fruit season. This girl here loves her Asian Pears. So much so that she put them on her birthday wish-list. Seriously. She dictated her list to Ian. It also includes things like green beans, apples, pumpkins, and gingerbread men.

So we're so very lucky that they're in season today!

Ian loves pomegranates too.

I see the stand for Ha's Apple Farm. And look kids! Fujis!

And look at all those jujubes!

Theresa has a couple good helpers to sort through them all. Mostly brown with a little bit of green still.

They're really good at helping her find the exact kind she's looking for.

We always save Ken's Top Notch Produce for last because Theresa knows she's getting many pounds of fruit. Well while T and Alli were getting all the grapes, pomegranates, nectarines, and plums, Ian was digging into the jujubes. Before we knew it, he'd eaten 3 of them! Hearing that, Theresa decided that we had to go back and get more. Otherwise he'd eat them all!

Nice find Ian. That one still has its leaves.

And this is what I'm here for! Sherpa! I carry the bags.

Thank you farmers for all your hard work to bring this to us!


  1. What a great bounty of fruit...asian pears are delicious with that unique crunchiness and sweetness. Pomegranates are such a nutrition-packed fruit...amazed the kids could eat it without the fruit juice getting all over them...I have to eat mine over the sink because it's so messy when I eat them (guess I don't have the right technique!) Cute to read that Alli included asian pears (and other healthy foods) on her birthday wish list...that's definitely a first! Truly a family effort at the farmer's market...pickers, eaters, and an able-bodied carrier :-) EOM

    1. They get their love of fruit from their mom and Gram. Their diet is amazingly varied.
      I'm not sure what it is about the pomegranates there, but the kids pick out the seeds with their fingers and still don't get messy.