Thursday, October 31, 2019

Making lots of people smile on Halloween

Today is Halloween and we're going to Michigan. We're flying through 2 airports today including a 2:30 layover in St Louis. That means we're going to run in to quite a few people. I see a perfect opportunity to make a lot of people happy.
Even though we're flying, the kids are dressed up in their halloween costumes. Talk about planning ahead, these Mickey pumpkin parkas are from over a year ago from our visit to Shanghai Disneyland. Alli however didn't want to be a Mickey pumpkin. And thanks to her daddy, both her Mickey parka and Mickey pumpkin pail have magically been transformed into Minnie Mouse versions of everything.

It was a super early flight and still dark when we got to the airport. After getting through security, the kids filled their pails with candy and got ready to hand them out. 

Unfortunately TSA can't accept things from people. D'oh.

And just in case you think it's just the kids celebrating today, think again! I'm dressed in a full Jack Skellington suit. He is The Pumpkin King after all.

Our flight is pretty soon, but the kids spent a few minutes handing out candy to people. They gave candy to one of the workers at the news store where we were buying a few drinks and she was so tickled that she gave them a discount on their purchase.

As we were boarding the plane, someone asked me if I lost a bet. Nope! Just like having fun!

A beautiful view looking over the ocean and towards LA. It's pre-dawn and the sunrise is pretty.

Alli took that Left Twix vs Right Twix lesson to heart. Pulling out a Twix for me, but first making sure it's the correct one.

It's a full Southwest plane which means we've got about 140 people up in the air here with us. T and I thought it would be a really fun to have the kids give out candy. Before the flight T mentioned it to the flight attendants. After leveling out, and once the seatbelt sign was off for a while, one of the Flight Attendants took Ian and Alli to the front of the plane and got on the intercom.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, today we have a very special treat for you. Ian and his sister Alli will be coming by and handing out Halloween candy to everyone." I wasn't expecting an announcement! I wish I'd video'd it.

The kids had such a good time giving people on the airplane candy. So many people were smiling at them as they walked down the aisles.
T and I went through it with the kids what they should tell people as they walked by. "Happy Halloween! Would you like a treat?"

Adults who had a stoic expression on their faces just moments before would light up with a bright smile when the kids came by.

It really made the kids' day giving out all that candy to people.

And people were very happy for it.

A few minutes before the flight was over, two of the flight attendants came by and had something special to give each of the kids.

A very nice note for each of them, pilot wings, a Southwest luggage tag, and a mini airplane that they could put together. Aww. Thank you!

Time to land in St Louis. Ohh, it's pretty here. The leaves are still changing colors.

Exiting the plane, I did notice more than a few wrappers on the floor. Oops. I hadn't thought about that.

And on the jet bridge they made sure to give the pilot some candy too.

At well as the gate attendants at the top of the ramp.

Like I said before, it's a long layover here in St Louis and we're going to spend the time spreading a lot of joy. T and I have 3 big bags of candy (over 650 pieces) in our carry-on luggage and we're giving it all away.

The kids are excited, but first I think we need a family picture.

For two hours, the kids walked up and down the terminal, giving candy away. They'd go up to complete strangers, greet them, and then offer them a halloween treat. T and I are teaching them to be bold and not shy. They especially liked to give candy to other kids, more so when they were in costume.

People walking down the terminal got big smiles on their faces when they saw the kids in costume, and had even bigger smiles when they were offered candy. Serious businessmen in suits who were typing on their phone would look up at them and a grin would appear on their face.

And while they're giving it to everyone they see, T and I are having them focus on the workers especially.

Because Southwest is a "fun" airline also, many of their counters are giving away candy too.

Thank you!

Lunchtime! With all that candy we've been giving away, what should we eat for lunch? Cucumbers!

Alright Ian. Decision time. We've got enough candy left for 1 of 2 things. Either you guys give it out on the plane, but there is a risk that you might not be able to. It was a little bumpy coming in and it's a short flight to Michigan. There might not be time to stand up and do it. Or, we finish giving all the candy out to the people here in the terminal. I'm sure most of the people in this area are going to be on our plane anyway.
Ian thought about it for a second and said "If we might not be able to do it on the airplane then we should do it now." Wise boy.

The kids had a great time giving away the rest of their candy. It's amazing what a little piece of candy and a smiling kid can do to a person receiving it. T figures it because you grow up and don't get to go trick-or-treating anymore but you still have all those happy memories from it.

People loved the kids, and the kids loved the attention. They smiled for people who wanted their picture. Posed with people who wanted to take pictures with them. I think the people who really loved it were the older people in wheelchairs waiting to board the planes. They loved talking to the kids and getting a picture with them.

And as it turns out, a few people wanted to give them something too. Now we didn't set out expecting to get anything back, but every once in a while someone would give them a dollar bill and say Happy Halloween back to them. After we left one section there was a guy who came running after us, put a couple bills in Theresa's hand and said "I can tell you've got some great kids." After he left, T looked and it was $5 for each kid! In all, they came away with $9.05 each! (that 5 cents was because one lady opened her change wallet and just kept giving them coins).

Giving out the last of our candy. The kids had a really fun time and it was a great way to spend 2 hours in the airport.

As we waited at the gate for the people getting off the plane, one of the pilots came by with her own cauldron of goodies. Full size candy bars? Score! Thanks!

Time to head to Michigan. They saved just enough candy for our pilots and flight crew.
And it was a good decision to give it all away in the terminal. The plane was just bumpy enough that we got our drinks, but there was no time to stand up and give stuff away.

After landing and walking outside, Michigan is cold and rainy. But who is here to pick us up?

Uncle Donald! The kids are so happy to see him. It's going to be a fun time in Michigan!

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  1. sweet and thoughtful...sharing one's bounty and bringing a smile to brighten a person's day...what a way to teach the idea of valuing & sharing with others without expecting anything in return (but receiving so much more because of what the action did to one's heart!) That was quite a Jack Skellington suit...made complete with those long fingers, too! Ingenious Minnie makeover...what did you use to make the lashes look so perfect on the parka and pumpkin? Cute pumpkin costumes/parkas for the kids! Sunrises are really beautiful...they beckon the dawn of a new day with so much color...nice capture while in flight. Wonder what's in store in Michigan this time of year.... EOM