Monday, October 28, 2019

National Chocolate Day - October 28th

National Chocolate Day is a day I can certainly get behind. And I think the rest of the family is on board as well.
To celebrate we grabbed a whole bunch of different chocolates and tasted samples of each.

Alli, why are you dressed up like Elsa?
Alli - Elsa loves chocolate!
That's very true. Great thinking.

With all of these to try, Ian what should we start with?
The Turtles! Because they contain nuts, Theresa decided to sit this one out. Ian suggested that she could just eat the head.

Ahem. Pardon me your majesty. Your gloves. I don't want you to get them all dirty.

Ian - She's going to freeze all the chocolate!!!
Very funny.

Alli picked out her favorite. She loves regular Hershey bars.

T prefers those chocolates that are a little on the darker side.

I think chocolate and peanut butter taste better together. Doesn't hurt that these are Chocolate Lover Reese's either.

I don't know if you've "Picked a Side" yet, but Left Twix is obviously superior. Both sides took a vastly different approach.
Left Twix have flowed caramel on the cookie and then bathed it in chocolate. While Right Twix decided to go with cascaded caramel on the cookie and cloaked in chocolate.

You can see for yourself how each factory came to be in this documentary. The Left Twix factory and the Right Twix factory took their treats and put them together into one package.

To finish it off we indulged in a little bit of chocolate milk.

And afterwards watched a 20 minute youtube video about how chocolate is made. From growing the trees, taking the seeds out of the pods, fermenting the seeds, removing the shells, toasting and grinding the nibs, and finally pouring the chocolate.

And what we got out of it was that making chocolate is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time! Theresa wondered how they figured it all out to finally get to the end product. That's a lot of steps.

But either way, we're happy they figured it out!


  1. Looooooooooooooooove that Elsa costume on Alli (I'm especially partial to princess costumes!) "Pardon me your majesty, your gloves"...but, but "She's going to freeze all the chocolate!" (lol). National Chocolate Day is definitely something to enjoy :-) I like my chocolate "mixed with something", instead of just "by itself", such as Reese's PB cup, Kit Kat (wafer really adds something), Almond Joy (like that coconut!), or Twix (nice cookie combo)...I guess "pure" chocolate is too "plain" :-) Nice way to round out the educational, interesting video on chocolate making! EOM

    1. I like how she's always thinking ahead. And how Ian is thinking ahead too and what consequences results from certain actions. I enjoy the chocolate and coconut combo too.