Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mystery Pringles 2019

Earlier the kids tried to solve the mystery of the missing Oreo flavor.
We'll continue our sleuthing with these Mystery Pringles chips.

I had the hardest time finding these. It was announced all the way back on May 21st, 2019. As the packaging indicates, these can only be found at Walgreens. I scoured 3 Southern California Walgreens but did not see any. As is the case with many of my taste test items, I turn to my brother Patrick. He had already found them and was able to pick up another couple cans for me. Thanks!

Once you pop the top, you get the smell. I'm getting a cheesy aroma.

But once I ate it, it wasn't so much cheesy as it was salty. Salty and some meat flavor. I guessed prosciutto.
Theresa tried this one and thought bacon wrapped something. Maybe jalapeƱo poppers.
Jacob got a that strong salt and meat flavor too, thinking chicken stock or beef broth.

Everyone seemed to like them no matter what.

And since I was so late to get them, the mystery has already been solved! On August 21st, the Pringles Facebook page made the announcement that everyone had been waiting for.
Ham & Cheese!

I can see that. It's still really salty and I guess there's a cheese flavor in there somewhere.

And speaking of Ham & Cheese Pringles, I know I've had them before. Consulting my photos, sure enough, back in June I did indeed taste Ham & Cheese flavour Pringles. That spelling of flavour is indeed intentional because I tried them while I was in France. I don't remember them being as salty there, but I did like them.


  1. Guess you got the "cheese" part via aroma and the "ham" part from the taste :-)...wonder what flavor the kids thought it was. Looks like Pringles make a lot of different flavors. It's quite possible that the version in France is altered to better match their palate...I thought I heard that it wasn't too unusual for different versions of the same named product to be produced, to better satisfy the culture it's in. Thus, maybe the "Ham & Cheese" wasn't as salty in France as in U.S.??? (If you had a snapshot of the sodium amount of the French one then you'd be able to see if that's the case...alas, too late for that!) Looked like a fun mystery taste test...Alli enjoyed it enough for a thumbs up :-) EOM

    1. Maybe since I was expecting the ham that time, I wasn't distracted by all the salt. It could be that they changed the recipe though.
      And I thought we might be done with the Mystery taste items for the year, but Mountain Dew just released something new! Look for that soon!