Thursday, October 17, 2019

National Pasta Day - October 17th

Today is National Pasta Day! Not to be confused with National Noodle Day or National Linguine Day. When I told the kids, they were excited. They love pasta. First they decided they wanted to eat the white pasta at Olive Garden. We were just there yesterday celebrating Alli's birthday, and they had all-you-can-eat pasta! I'm a little full of fettuccine alfredo right now.
What other kinds of pasta do you guys like? Ramen!!!
Sounds like a good dinner to me!

It's not a surprise that the noodles disappeared quickly.



  1. Ramen...a quick, flavorful, and inexpensive meal. I definitely had my share of ramen growing up. Our family often had that for a meal, and to make it "more complete", our parents added bok choy, chopped green onions (optionally sprinkled on top) and a protein (e.g., homemade wonton, crumbled ground beef, or bits of chicken meat). It was a simple but delicious meal (especially when wonton was added!) EOM

    1. You can't see it, but I've cut up some ham and added it to mine. :)
      It's certainly delicious. I like mine spicy!