Sunday, October 6, 2019

A Birthday Celebration at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park

Happy weekend! And today we're out in Sherman Oaks celebrating a friend's birthday party!

Normally we'd be at Disneyland at a castle, but that's okay. We're still at a castle! Castle Park with mini-golf, an arcade, and batting cages!

We've had a lot of experiences, and it's hard to believe, but mini golf is not one of them. This is Ian and Alli's first time!

The kids all did a pretty good job waiting their turns.

Luckily it was early and there weren't many other people on the course.

After finishing the purple course, the kids and I left for the green course.

Definitely showing some improvement over their initial attempts.

There's some fun things to see along the course.

Food time! Pizza, cake, and ice cream!

For doing such a good job, along with the visor, everyone got a golf trophy and winner medal.

Someone is always happy to get a trophy.

Nice work guys.

And she's already giving instruction.

Not bad. Ian and Alli were both able to get a hole in one, and there was much celebrating.

Oooh. Check out the candy house.

Inside the castle is an arcade. The kids enjoyed Pacman air hockey. You think one disk is fun...

How about 20! Arcades are more expensive than I remember. 1 game of air hockey was $2.50. Theresa looked up how much the game itself costs though. Only $12,000. Yikes! I guess that's why games are more expensive.

Ian's a big fan of Mario Kart on the Wii, and also on the newly released app for the iPad. It was $1.50 per person on this one. T looked it up and to have 2 systems that link together costs $20,000.

I mashed together a video of them having fun.

There's no physical tickets here, but all the tickets they earned were automatically loaded onto their play cards.

See how we turned $20 into 2 Smarties and 2 Sour Punch Straws?
But seriously, the kids had a blast playing all the arcade games. Alli's favorite was the Pacman Air Hockey table. Ian loved racing on Mario Kart.

The kids had a great time at the birthday party. And they had fun playing mini-golf too. I'll work with them on technique a little more next time when it isn't so hectic.


  1. That was WILD...20 air disks! A lot of fun for the kids...arcade games and mini-golf...and a favorite meal of pizza, cake, & ice cream, too!...great birthday party for everyone. Is "mini-golf" a smaller version of "miniature golf" (i.e., fewer holes?) Never heard of "mini-golf", only miniature golf courses in my day (never got a hole-in-one, either!). Nevertheless, always fun to see the cute buildings and props at each of the holes. EOM

    1. I believe mini golf is synonymous with miniature golf now. Castle Park had 3 full 18 hole courses available.
      20 air disks was certainly fun. I just wished the game lasted a bit longer. There is a countdown timer and each game only goes for 60 seconds. But it does give me ideas for when we have access to an air hockey table that I should bring extra pucks to make the game a bit more crazy.