Saturday, October 5, 2019

National Apple Betty Day - October 5th

Today is National Apple Betty Day. Now if only I knew someone who has a bunch of apples...
Oh wait. I do know someone who still has a fridge full of apples left over from our Oak Glen Apple Orchard visit.

Alli was very helpful in the kitchen today. I asked if she wanted to help make breakfast, but I ended up just helping her!
We're making breakfast sandwiches. She cracked the eggs into a bowl and didn't get any shells in with them. Seasoned and then scrambled the eggs. While I cooked them, she pulled out 5 pieces of canadian bacon. While I fried those up, she grated some cheddar cheese. Finally with a little bit of supervision, she sliced all the rolls in half. And once all the ingredients were finished, she assembled them into sandwiches for Grammy, Grandpa, Ian, herself, and me.
Alli these are delicious!

But today isn't breakfast sandwich day, it's apple betty day. For that, we need apples. And after that taste test last week, I think the Macintosh apples will be good for that. Theresa got those peeled.

Ian and Alli took turns cutting up the apples. The recipe called for apple slices, but this 16 section apple cutter cuts them into small enough sections and takes out the core.

Perfect Alli!

I see you sneaking apple slices.

To keep them from browning, Alli mixed in some lemon juice.

And then stirred them all together.

We need pumpkin pie spice, but didn't have any. Fortunately pumpkin pie spice is just cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg, and we've got all those things.

Stir them all together.

Time to add the spices to some flour, sugar, and brown sugar. Alli held the bowl steady while Ian stirred it all together.

Next the kids added cold butter and I used my potato masher to mash it into a crumble.

Alli loved helping out. Let's get those apples into a glass dish.

And then we'll sprinkle the crumble mixture on top.

Taking turns.

Tasting bits of the crumble.

Into the oven covered for 40 minutes, then another 15 minutes uncovered.

The smell that filled the house was fantastic. Definitely the smell of Fall.

Take a whiff kids. Doesn't it smell delicious!

Very nice job everyone. I bet it's going to be super tasty.

We invited Grammy and Grandpa over to join in the kids' dessert.

The top was crispy and crumbly and the apples were cooked and yummy.

Great job!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...the Apple Betty looks mouth-watering...can imagine the aroma of the baking apples and cinnamon filling the air...yummy! What a fun dessert to make together as a family...another great family activity. The kids are getting lots of good hands-on practice in the kitchen, while having lots of fun! EOM

    1. It was indeed delicious. Next Theresa is wanting to make an apple cake, which I'm sure will also be great.
      I do like to keep the kids involved in as much as they're able.