Tuesday, October 22, 2019

National Color Day - October 22nd

National Color Day? Really?
I told the kids about it in the morning and when I got home from work, this is what they created. A very colorful quilt with lots of different stories on it.

This creation maker-space T and I gave them for their birthday is working out even better than I could have hoped.
I got the story on a few of these. The blue one up top has the kids playing and Daddy holding on to so many balloons that I started to float.
The red one in the top right corner has a bunch of flowers. In the sky are lots of stars for Ian to stargaze.
In the next one, Ian and Alli are holding balloons, while the sun is reading books about the solar system.
Alli made a picture of our family on the beach. I love how it's not just a picture drawing, but cut-outs of different elements that make it up.
Other photos are of rain coming down from the clouds while the family is outside.
I love the creativity kids!


  1. Wow!!!...that was a really creative idea to have a quilt of colorful backgrounds, with each "background" telling a story...and such stories, too!...LIKE the ideas captured. The maker-space really got the kids' imagination going. EOM

    1. Totally fostering that imagination. They come up with some pretty far-out ideas.
      Shopping at Sam's Club today they both wanted as many boxes as I would let them take. I allowed 1 each and they both picked candy boxes. When we got home, they made their own candy dispensing machine and filled it with goodies from the closet.