Sunday, October 13, 2019

Halloween Bath Bombs

The kids had a great time making bath bombs with Gram and Pop Pop a few weeks ago. With some extra time on our Saturday the kids and I are again making more bath bombs. But this time the kids wanted to make Halloween ones, colored with orange, green, and black.

The ingredients aren't too difficult to pull together.
1/2 cup of Baking Soda
1/4 cup of Citric Acid
1/4 cup of Epsom Salt
1/4 cup of Corn Starch
3 Tbs of oil
1 Tbs of fragrant oil
Food coloring

Adding drops of food coloring to the oil, Alli suddenly yelled out, Hidden Mickey! I see it Alli!
Ian took a look and said Pluto Paw! I like how you think buddy. I see that too.

Unfortunately there was no orange food coloring. Good thing the kids know how to mix colors and get orange from the red and yellow.

The colors look great kids! Very Halloweeny.

Sweet! After mixing everything together I think it's important to let the mixture sit for a little bit. Last time everything was still expanding after they got squished together. They expanded this time too, but I kept trying to squish everything back down. Theresa had a good idea of using a muffin tin next time. Something else we can try!

Perhaps some Christmas bath bombs next time?


  1. Pluto Paw...I like that :-) That pretty green plus the texture (after shaping) makes me think of mint ice cream or pistachio ice cream! That was a fun Halloween-colored bath bomb activity. Christmas bath bombs sound like fun, and could be great homemade gifts by the kids...additionally, they could get creative with shapes and/or colors and then write (or think) up a creative backstory describing what their creation represents (gives them a chance to let their imagination run again!) EOM

    1. The science projects are definitely fun.
      It wasn't the deep green I was hoping for, so yes, more like mint ice cream. I think I need to figure out either a different technique or a different recipe. We've been packing our molds pretty quickly after mixing in the water. When we do that, the two are still reacting to each other and it expands. I think perhaps we should wait a little longer for it to stop expanding and then pack it into our molds.

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