Friday, October 25, 2019

National Breadstick Day - Last Friday in October

Mmm. Freshly baked bread. There's not much that can be better than that.  Maybe fresh bread with butter on it. Add parmesan cheese as well and you've got a very tasty treat.
Today is National Breadstick day, but where should we get them from? A long time ago, Olive Garden used to make delicious breadsticks, but for the past few years, they're over-baked and under-seasoned. We've tried Pizza Hut breadsticks before too, and Ian just says "no thank you".
So my favorite breadstick since at least college has been from Little Caesars. Theresa and I would each get a bag and have it for a meal.

The kids have also learned that Little Caesars gives out prizes for kids. It varies between cookies, airplanes, paper toys, or what they got today, crayons, coloring pages, and stickers.

And the crazy sauce just makes it even better.

Mmm. They made them good today. Not over-baked and they're slathered with butter and parmesan.

Everyone here is helping celebrate Breadstick day! They're delicious!


  1. We’ve had some hit or miss ones from Pizza Hut too. Sometimes they’re soft and seasoned well, other times crunchy and not seasoned at all. My favorites will always be Little Caesars too.

    1. Someone mentioned Papa John's breadsticks to me, but I can't say that I've ever had them. I don't care for the pizza. Any thoughts? Every had Papa John's breadsticks?

    2. It’s probably been since high school that I’ve had Papa John’s of any kind, so I can’t say I remember their breadsticks.

  2. Mmmmmmm...soft, freshly-baked breadsticks with just a "touch" of flavor sounds good to me...think I just like to savor the "bread" taste without too many "distractions" :-) What does that crazy sauce taste like? Looking forward to those surprise prizes in anything is always fun (growing up I remember the anticipation of getting to the prize inside Cracker Jacks)...can see why the kids get excited! EOM

    1. When I call in, I always ask if they will underbake them a little, just to make sure they're soft. Their usual reply is "we're not allowed to do that". I really just hope they're not crunchy and stay soft.
      Crazy sauce is just their pizza sauce in a cup. Tomato sauce with a little zing to it.