Thursday, October 3, 2019

Making our own Bath Bombs

Knowing she was coming out for a visit, my mom was looking for some fun things to do with the kids. The kids have received bath bombs as gifts and they love them. I read that you can make your own, so Gram set off to figure out how to do it.

There's different ways to make them of course, but the recipe we found involves citric acid, epsom salt, baking soda, oil, food coloring, some nice smelling oils, and you can't forget to put a prize inside. That's what the capsule sponges are for.

You mix everything together slowly.

Hmm, I wonder what colors they're going to choose.

Pink for Alli. Not surprised.

Ian's starting with blue.

Gram bought these steel bath bomb molds just for this.

You fill up either side of the sphere and squish it together as hard as you can.

Quite the selection of bath bombs you guys made. And lots of different shapes too!!

And did they work?
Certainly! They fizzed up as soon as they hit water and they smelled wonderful.

One of Ian's earth creations with a combination of blues and greens.

Which turned the water a greenish-blue color.

Thanks for the fun science project Gram!


  1. What a fun science project for the kids to do. It wouldn't have been right if Alli chose anything but pink :-)...Ian's choice of blue & green, along with the spongy appearance, gave his creation an "earth" look in the photo! Great fun for the kids and grandparents! EOM

    1. You're right. Those colors they chose are certainly appropriate for them. I thought it looked like an earth too. Once we get through these, I'm going to make another batch with them with a slightly different recipe and hope they hold together a little better.