Friday, October 18, 2019

Six Flags Magic Mountain - A fun day of thrills with Jacob

Disneyland is certainly my favorite theme park, but if I want thrills, I know I need to head to "The Thrill Capital of the World!" Six Flag Magic Mountain holds the world record for most rollercoasters in an amusement park (at 19). Both Jacob and I love doing the big thrill rides, so a few times a year, both of us will take off during a weekday and come enjoy the park.

Price-wise it's really hard to compare Magic Mountain and Disneyland. Jacob and I both take advantage of their Flash Sale every Labor Day where a 365 day pass plus Free Parking costs just $82. On top of that, you can add a dining package where you get lunch, dinner, and a snack on every single visit for another $79. If I lived closer it would almost be worth it to stop in for meals. $161 total for year round visits, free parking, and food while you're there. That's an amazing deal.
Just for comparison, this time of year, Disneyland's peak price for 1 park plus parking is $174 and you have to buy meals!

The park opens at 10:30am today. We made pretty good time on the freeway and got to the park with time to spare while waiting for the gates to open. Checking the "is it packed" site, today looks to be a Hey, It's Alright" day. So it's not "Ghost Town" but we'll take it. On many of our previous visits here, it's been a lot more crowded while waiting for the park to open up. Today isn't too bad.

There was even time to take a picture with Daffy Duck while walking up to our first ride.

And I can't think of a time where the first ride I've done was something other than X2. Normally the line for this can be super long, but in the morning it's not bad. The only trade-off is that mornings usually aren't good for this ride. There's so many ride stops, alarms, and resets that it can take just as long as a medium line.
X2 is a really awesome, intense ride like nothing I've been on. It's got to be one of my favorites. After riding in the front row, the line was short enough to take another spin in the back row.

My phone didn't come out all that much today for photos. Mostly because the rides here are a lot more intense and I'm worried about it falling out of my pocket. Before lunch at 1:30pm, Jacob and I were able to ride.
X2 - twice
Twisted Colossus - twice
Batman: The Ride - twice
Crazanity (the tallest pendulum ride in the world)
Riddler's Revenge - twice

Awesome that in 3 hours, Jacob and I made it onto 10 big thrill rides. There's one ride I've been trying to get on today but it's been down every single time I've walked by, and that's Full Throttle. We'll keep trying throughout the day though.

For lunch, which is free with the dining plan, Jacob and I enjoyed tri-tip sandwiches and baked beans.

After lunch, it was time to join the Justice League in their Battle for Metropolis. I don't know how I scored so high, but check it out! Top 1%!

After Battle for Metropolis, the longest wait of the day was for my second favorite ride here. Tatsu lays you down into the Superman position and makes you feel like you're flying!

It's Supergirl and Batman! Of course we're going to stop to take a picture!

Our snack today (free), was a milkshake from Johnny Rockets. Topped with lots of whipped cream and a cherry, it was delicious!

In the time between lunch and a snack, we rode
Justice League: Battle For Metropolis
Twisted Colossus

And between snack and dinner we rode
The New Revolution (the first looping coaster)
Apocalypse: The Ride - twice

Dinner was a free burger and fries. Along with the dining pass you also get free drinks. The only problem is, you have to carry this big cup around with you all day and every time you visit the park. From past experience, Jacob and I bought shorts specifically for coming here, with very deep pockets. Deep enough to fit the entire bottle and still close enough to fit on a ride without falling out.

The park is open until 1:30am, but I don't think we're going to stick around that long. Amazingly, to me at least, X2 is only a 15 minute wait!

Finally Full Throttle is running again! Except the wait time is an hour... Eww.

Six Flags does have a paid "skip the line" program that looks great, but can cost a pretty penny. One other nice thing about having an annual pass here is that they give you all sorts of goodies to go along with it. Goodies like a 1-time Flash Pass that lets you skip the line. I know what I'm using that for!

Jacob and I walked right past that hour long wait and right in to the front row. Full Throttle is thrilling but short. But it did hold the record for the largest vertical loop (160 feet) when it first opened, and I love how you slow way down and hang upside-down as you reach the top of the loop.

Oh interesting! It's sponsored by Chick-Fil-A! Scan now for a free Chicken Sandwich? Yes please!
Except... it's not. It's an entry on a website for a chance at a free sandwich. Not a guaranteed sandwich.

For our very last ride of the day, Jacob and I hopped in a short line and rode front row on Goliath.

What a blast today was. In the 8 hours and 30 minutes we were here, we squeezed in 21 rides, lunch, dinner, and a snack. That's a great day!

Six Flags Magic Mountain really is an amazing place for some of the best thrills around!


  1. Oh my!!!!...I can get motion sick just watching someone's roller coaster ride-through (lol). You and Jacob are definitely primed for those thriller coasters. Clicked on those coaster links and saw what those coasters look like...simply too much to imagine being on any one of them! Amazing that you'll even do the coasters after eating, and still come out feeling fine! The annual pass plus dining plan really is a great deal...especially since you both really enjoy coaster rides and can handle them with food in your stomachs :-) Congrats on being the top 1% in the Battle for Metropolis! That was definitely a full day of thrills! EOM

    1. Oh man. What a blast that day was. I love thrill rides.
      Ian just needs to get a couple more inches on him and he'll be able to go on some of them too! And he's ready too! He heard me talking about it and now he wants to go.
      I've always had pretty good luck with not getting motion sick. Thankfully.
      Now we need to figure out when we can go back!