Friday, March 6, 2020

Oreo Popcorn - National Oreo Cookie Day - March 6th

It's National Oreo Cookie Day! With as many taste tests as we do with Oreos, we can't let a day like this pass unnoticed. And so, for this special day, I've got not one. Not two. But three special Oreo treats to try.

There's Cookie Pop Oreo Popcorn, Mega Stuf Oreo O's, and Oreo Pudding. And of course we'll be trying them with the original product they represent too.

First up, the Cookie Pop Oreo Popcorn.

This was another fortunate find at our nearby Sam's Club. First the Twix Popcorn. Then the Cheetos Popcorn. Now this! I'm loving these creative popcorns Sam's is bringing in now!

The popcorn itself is dusted with Oreo cookie crumbles. I'm curious how it's going to taste.

Let's eat it!

This popcorn is DELICIOUS! I will say though that it's very sweet. If you don't mind that, then this is great. Even though it's popcorn, I can taste the Oreo Creme flavor. And the cookie flavor comes through too. Both kids loved it, as did I!

So that's the Popcorn. In the next couple posts, we'll taste the pudding and the cereal. 


  1. National Oreo Cookie Day...that's a fun one to observe! Didn't think the popcorn could capture the Oreo taste...what a nice surprise! Sounds fun to eat. Too bad there wasn't a more chocolaty flavor since the chocolate cookie part of the Oreo, instead of the creme filling, is my favorite part :-) EOM

    1. It was a fun one to do. We haven't been doing so many National Day celebrations but when something like this comes along, we can't help ourselves.