Friday, December 25, 2020

Ian loses his 5th tooth... On Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve and there's lots of Christmas stuff going on, but for the past few days, Ian has been working really hard on a tooth that's become loose. He was really wanting to have it out on Christmas Eve so that he could have a visit from both the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, all in the same night!

After trying a few times during the day himself, it was wasn't coming out. Bring in the big guns!
Alli made sure Ian was comfortable for the whole ordeal, draping her blanket around him, bringing him a Duffy, and giving him words of encouragement. After a couple false starts, it came out!

Show me that new smile buddy!

Yep, there's a new gap there! 

That's funny!

Now we'll have a visit from both the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus tonight! That might have been one of the plot points in The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause. When Scott Calvin can use his magic to get back to the North Pole, they try to pull out a tooth and the Tooth Fairy comes. They even hitch a ride back to the North Pole from the Tooth Fairy! No traveling for Ian to the North Pole tonight though. Prep & Landing Section Code 808 states: "All children shall be snug in their beds."

All you'll want for Christmas is your 1 front tooth! Then you can wish us Merry Chrithmath!

Under the pillow it goes. 

Goodnight kids. See you in the morning!

When I went to see them in the morning (while they were waiting to come out of their room), Ian was excited to show me the note that the Tooth Fairy left him. 

It's a drawing of a tooth, plus a note from the Tooth Fairy!
"Ian, I am very excited that I get to give you your first present on Christmas Day! This tooth is as white as snow! Nice brushing! ~Tooth Fairy"

And on the back there's another note!

This time it looks like a Santa Hat!
"Ian, I saw the Tooth Fairy just as she was leaving. She met the reindeer and is now good friends with Rudolph. Have a Merry Christmas! - Santa Claus"

So congratulations Ian on losing your 5th tooth! And on the very special day of Christmas Eve!
You've been pretty lucky with your timing of everything. The First Tooth came out in Michigan, the Second Tooth came out in Colorado, the Third Tooth came out on National Tooth Fairy Day, and the Fourth came out at our new place!
This is Central Incisor tooth F.  

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  1. Extra special day for Ian...visits from both the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause! Don't think I'll ever get use to watching a tooth being I am grimacing while everyone else is smiling, especially the one losing the tooth! That was generous of Ian wanting the individual bills so he can share them versus a single five dollar bill. Alli definitely made sure Ian was comfortable and had moral support during the "pull out"...very thoughtful, Alli! EOM