Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Alli's first day visiting WDW Parks Part 2 - Animal Kingdom 2016/03/16

Continuing our Walt Disney World day, after going to Epcot in the morning, our next stop is Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

But before we head there, we're hungry. We deserve a McDonald's Break Today, don't we? We're all filled up on drinks from Club Cool, but we need to get a little bit of food in our bellies. Instead of spending a lot of money for the 13 of us to eat lunch in the parks, we stopped at the nearby McDonalds to fill up. 

Just fingers for Alli here today. She's still too little. 

But stays happy all the same. 

Yum! $1 sundaes!

Next we made our way to the parking lot of the Animal Kingdom. 

While some of the family went to watch Finding Nemo - The Musical, I took the boys off to another part of the park. 

I could use some thrill rides on this vacation. While the regular line is posting a pretty long standby wait, we three hopped into the single-rider line. We're totally fine getting split up. That means that we can go 1...



4 different times over the course of an hour. Not too bad I'd say!

It's a fun coaster. I'm looking forward to Ian getting big enough to ride it. 

The rest of the family is off exploring the jungles and the rest of the animals. 

Seeing a whole bunch of fish. 

Whoa! An encounter with a hippo. 

Theresa and I are going to end our day in the park now. Just a quick picture by the park's signature icon, the Tree of Life. 

We're taking off because we're meeting up with someone. It's Jacob! All the way here in Florida!
He's here visiting family, and so we all decided to meet up at Kilwin's Ice Cream shop in the town of Celebration Florida. 

Ian is a fan of their Superman Ice Cream. 

While Theresa and I think their Toasted Coconut is the best. 

I think Ian likes our a bit too. 

After hanging out for a while, it was time to say our goodbyes and get these kids to bed. 

The rest of the family spent the rest of their day at the Magic Kingdom. 

Tomorrow is our last full day at the house. We'll have fun hanging out together as a family before we all say our goodbyes. 

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  1. Nice group photos in front of the "Animal Kingdom" signage and the "Tree of Life". Alli continues to show us what's finger lickin' good to her :-) Yikes...4 times on a coaster ride within an hour (I wouldn't even dare one!) Mmmmmmmmm...that toasted coconut ice cream sure sounds good! Another fun day for everyone at different places. EOM