Monday, December 14, 2020

Holiday Treats - Pizza at Home - Holiday Pizzas

It's the Holidays! And it's also Sunday! Let's combine Pizza day and the Holidays and make some themed pizzas! On Halloween I made a Jack-o-lantern pizza, and then on Thanksgiving I made a Turkey-Day Leftovers Pizza. To celebrate the Holidays, today I'm going to make two different festive pizzas. A Frosty the Snowman pizza and a Christmas Wreath!

By now, there's no real surprise which pizza dough I'm using. It's my own combination and I'll have an entire recipe and walkthrough shortly. 
This wreath pizza is a different shape than I've ever done before. 

I sauced it, cheesed it, and topped it with pepperoni ornaments. 

The Frosty pizza is too big to cook on a pizza stone. It'll have to go on a baking sheet. I used three different pieces and combined them together. Frosty is white so this will be a white pizza. Good thing we have a tasty recipe for an alfredo sauce. 

I used a light sprinkle of cheese, and then of course used olives for Frosty's coal buttons, eyes, and smile. His nose would have to be a carrot. 

Frosty got a little toasty in the oven, but the kids didn't even notice. We've got a snowman to eat for dinner tonight! The wreath is a little more difficult to see, but it's there. 

Definitely feeling the holidays. 

The wreath is topped with greenery and even includes a red bell pepper bow. 

The crust on Frosty's head has puffed up a bit and pushed all his features inwards, but he's still recognizable. 

I know one little girl who loves bell peppers, so she happily took that part of the wreath pizza. 

It hurts to do this. Sorry Frosty. 

Theresa happily took Frosty's head with the olives. And she loved that it didn't have a tomato sauce base. That white sauce alfredo is much better. 

My plate tonight. It was a tasty dinner! We love the holidays!

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  1. Frosty did what any snowman does when it gets "too hot" :-)...despite his slightly "melted" look, one can still tell he's a snowman :-) Like the color on the wreath pizza...the greenery, red pepperoni and red pepper bow were very festive (sweet red bell peppers are delicious!!) Creative Christmas pizzas for the holiday season...both Frosty and the wreath were great, tasty ideas that baked very well! EOM