Friday, December 18, 2020

Holiday Treats - Hershey's Kisses Sugar Cookie

Happy Holidays! One of the many things I love about the holidays are all the different Holiday themed treats that get released. In 2018 we tried the Candy Cane Hershey's Kisses and Hot Cocoa Kisses. Then in 2019 there was Dark Chocolate Mint Truffle Kisses and Cherry Cordial Kisses

Today we're going to be trying Sugar Cookie Hershey's Kisses!

If we're going to have Sugar Cookie Hershey's Kisses, we've got to have Sugar Cookies to go along with it. And since we've got a little bit of free time, I think we're going to make these ourselves from scratch. It'll be something fun we can do together as a family. 

Alright Team Flowers! Let's go!

Our previous Surprise Sugar Cookie recipe was made for cookies that aren't meant to change shape much when you bake them. These are going to be a little different recipe, in that they're going to be drop cookies that will spread out a bit when they bake. I'm using the recipe for Easy Sugar Cookies
Alli started us off by measuring the sugar and adding the softened butter. 

Next came the vanilla, while Ian cracked and then added an egg. 

The kids measured out our dry ingredients and Alli mixed them together before adding them to the creamed butter. 

Our dough is very stiff, but that's the recipe. Lots of butter, lots of sugar, and a bit of flour. 

I was surprised the recipe called for just a rounded teaspoon of cookie dough for each cookie. A teaspoon? but that's so little. But reading the comments they confirmed it would spread a bit after cooking, so a teaspoon it is. 

Ian came to take care of the second tray. 

While those are rotating through the oven for 8 minutes, the kids prepped a couple more trays of cookies. I gave each of these cookies an indention, and Alli is loading them up with holiday sprinkles. 

Our first cookies are out of the oven! After letting them cool for a couple minutes, the kids were wanting to have a taste. Actually they brought one to Mommy first and then asked for one for themselves. 

Mmm. A warm cookie, right out of the oven. 

These are technically sugar cookies already seeing as how they have 1.5 cups of sugar in them. But you can make them a little more sugary and dress them up a little more. I have some colored sugars in the cabinet, but they're not exactly Christmas colors. That's okay for the kids. They still want to make them. 
I showed them the colors I had, pink, yellow, blue, and red, and asked them to pick. 
Ian asked to do the pink because he wanted to make a pink cookie for Alli. 
Likewise Alli asked for the yellow sugar so she could make Ian a Gold cookie. 

We ended up making a variety of different colors, including some red ones. I wish I had green sugar so it could really be Christmas colors. I don't even have green food coloring. But I do have yellow and blue, so I mixed those together with a little bit of dough to make green cookies. 

They're looking great kids! Nice job!

Let's take a look at those Sugar Cookie Hershey's Kisses. The packaging is the regular silver foil but with holiday shapes on them. Green trees, green hearts, green ornaments, red stars, and blue bells. 

The Kisses themselves are Sugar Cookie flavored White Creme with Cookie Pieces. The plumes say Sugar Cookie. Inside the white chocolate creme are red and green crunchies. 

The back of the bag suggests making Holiday Sugar Cookie Blossoms. To make them, you bake your cookies like normal, let them cool for 2 minutes after coming out of the oven, and then top them with these Sugar Cookie Kisses. I don't think 2 minutes is enough time for them to cool. The Kisses turned to puddles shortly after getting placed on the cookie. Perhaps I should have put them into the fridge to chill a little faster. 

Our sugared cookies look interesting too. It appears if you just roll the dough balls in sugar, it spreads out pretty evenly when the cookie bakes. If instead you wet the outside of the dough ball with water and then roll it in sugar, you get this interesting cracked sugar pattern. That food coloring dyed the cookies a strong green. 

The cookies are all done and now it's time to taste these Holiday Sugar Cookies!

The cookies themselves are lovely. Crunchy on the edges and soft in the middle. 

Rich and Chi joining us to try out the cookies. 

Mommy thinks a sugar cookie needs sugar on it. Those are her favorite. 

You might have noticed that our tray only had cookies that are holiday colors. I left the extras in the kitchen and out of the picture. The kids really wanted to give each other the cookies they made for each other, so they ran off to get them and then swapped. 

They make each other good cookies. Yum!

Now it's time to try the Sugar Cookie Hershey's Kisses. The main reason we're doing this whole Sugar Cookie baking event today. We all gave it a taste and...

It was a mixed reaction. Theresa and Ian didn't care for it. They're a bit hard to please. 
Richard, Alli, and I thought they were okay, but they didn't quite taste like sugar cookies to me. Do you like the frosting that comes on top of a cake? That's what these taste like solidified frosting. I do like the crunchy cookie bits that have settled to the bottom of the kisses. 

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  1. Ian & Alli are becoming such good bakers in the kitchen! The green & red sprinkles looked so pretty on the cookies...probably my favorite "design" among all the creations...but the pink, blue, and yellow ones were fun spring colors to make, too. kind that Ian made a pink one for Alli, and Alli made a gold one for Ian! Solidified frosting flavor (or was that "broccoli" :-) ) for the Sugar Cookie Kisses doesn't sound too appetizing...but in its melted form on the cookie it's "free" frosting (but was really surprised the Kisses melted so quickly after letting the cookie cool for 2 minutes) Btw, I was impressed that Alli quickly knew that three scoops of a half cup would give her 1.5 cups (I've seen older kids struggle with that concept). EOM