Sunday, December 6, 2020

National Cotton Candy Day - Fluffy Stuff Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy - December 7th

While wandering a supermarket, I saw that Fluffy Stuff has a new offering. I love cotton candy and we all love Rainbow Sherbet. I think we have all the makings of a taste test. And what better day to do it than National Cotton Candy Day!

And with something like Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy, we've got to try it right alongside the real thing. 
Alli is my ever present helper. 
Alli - I'll go get the ice cream! 

And it's not just gathering things. She's there for pictures too. 

I love Lime Sherbet, and Orange is great too. Raspberry is just a bonus. 
Alli was quick to point out that it isn't even a rainbow colored ice cream. And how Pink isn't even a color on the rainbow!
All very true Alli. Though they did make the word Rainbow rainbow colored. 

Fluffy Stuff did such a great job matching the colors of the Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream. 

Well let's not just sit around. There's sherbet that's melting! 

Theresa appreciates each individual flavor. 

As do the kids and I. Rainbow sherbet might not be ice cream, but it's delicious and flavorful like ice cream. 

And with the sherbet gone, it's time to move over to the cotton candy. All the different colors are squished together, so I did my best to separate everything as best I could. 

Alright, let's try the different colors. Will the Orange be Orange, the Green taste like Lime, or the Pink like Raspberry?

After careful scrutiny of each of the different colors, no, these don't taste like anything in particular at all. It's the right color of Rainbow Sherbet, but all three just taste like plain cotton candy. 

What about all three of them together? Same thing. No distinct flavors. 

But it's still cotton candy and cotton candy is good no matter what. 

Ian preferred the cotton candy to the sherbet. Alli thinks both are good. I'm with Alli, they're both pretty great! The Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy doesn't taste like Rainbow Sherbet, but oh well. 

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  1. What pretty pastel colors for the cotton candy...nice match to the rainbow sherbet. Both the cotton candy and the sherbet look like tasty treats (but the lime sherbet is the hands down favorite in the rainbow sherbet for me :-) ) Nice observation by Alli that the rainbow sherbet, itself, doesn't accurately reflect the colors of a rainbow. Alli, I like your "rainbow sherbet colored" hair scrunchie and rainbow on your blouse! EOM