Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Reese's Dessert Bars

It's time for another Reese's treat, and this time we're making it ourselves! 

Reese's Dessert Bars look like they're going to be delicious! When Theresa saw me pulling this out, she said she's not quite ready for more Reese's flavors. She's still a little Reese'd out after last year's biggest taste test ever when we had 53 unique Reese's items
I asked my trusty helpers if they would help me out in the kitchen and got an enthusiastic yes! Alli ran off to get an apron. 

Inside the box we find 3 pouch mixes and a pan to put it all in. 

Ian, can you read us the directions? 

Step number 1 is to place the topping pouch in a bowl of hot water. But which one is the topping pouch? 

Luckily each of the bags has the name of what's inside printed on the outside. 

They found the toppings pouch and then into the hot water it goes. It'll sit there until we're ready for it in step 4. 

Alright little reader. What is our next step? 

Ian is going to tackle step 2 for us. He measured 2 tablespoons of softened butter and 1 tablespoon of water. 

Into that goes the crust mix. 

After 45 seconds in the microwave, Ian mixed it all together with a fork. 

And then it gets spread into the provided pan. Nice they included that so we have an idea of the size this will make. 

Alright Alli, you're up for step 3. We'll need 3 tablespoons of melted butter. She measured out the 3 tablespoons, but it's not melted. For that we'll need the microwave. 

All the way on her tippy toes to reach the microwave. 

Mmm. That peanut butter filling mix smells pretty great. 

Pouring it into the melted butter. 

And then giving it a good stir. That goes into the pan as well. 

While Alli is doing that Ian was pulling the topping mix out of the hot water and getting it dried off. 

There's only one topping mix, so they'll both take turns. Ever gracious, Ian lets Alli go first. 

And then it's his turn. Doesn't look the greatest right now...

But spread it with a spatula and it looks lovely. 

This needs some time to set. 

Together they brought it over to the fridge. This needs 30 minutes. 

Which gives us a little bit of time to lick the spatula. And then go play on the trampoline. Ian is getting pretty good at his front flips, and has started to learn backflips! Alli is working on front flips. She's a fast flipper!

Time is up! Let's get it out of the fridge!

Almost like the picture on the box. 

They got into the regular spots for a picture, "but wait" Ian said. We need something else!

I hadn't planned on it, but they know how these things go. We have something unique and we try it with the thing it represents. They both ran off to get Reese's miniatures to try with it. 

They know how this goes. Get it on your plate and then wait for pictures. 

Which one would you like? 
The Reese's Dessert Bar was delicious! The chocolate crust base was great, with crunchy bits. The peanut butter was sweet just like the candies, but a little softer which was great. 

What do you think of the Reese's Dessert Bars kids? It was a tasty treat! We all had fun making it and tasting it together. 

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  1. When I saw the title of the post, I knew I was in for a yummy treat...definitely not disappointed with all the peanut butter & chocolate yumminess!! Great seeing the little readers giving directions :-) Hey Ian, like your Star Wars shirt! P.S. Future post idea: videos of the kids doing their flips on the trampoline...that should be quite a show :-) EOM