Friday, December 4, 2020

National Cookie Day - Chips Ahoy Thins cookie comparison - December 4th

Today is National Cookie Day! Cookies might be my favorite dessert. I've got a taste test just for such an occasion. 

Chips Ahoy! makes Chips Ahoy! Thins, and we haven't had a chance to try them, or compare them to the originals. 
These Thins look a pretty thin for cookies. Let's take a closer look. 

For the Thins, four cookies has 150 calories. The Originals has 160 calories in three cookies. That's 37.5 calories per Thin cookie and 53.3 calories per Original. Assuming they're the same diameter, the Thins are about 70% of the calories of an Original cookie.  

That 70% is hard to tell in relation to size. We're going to have to stack them up. 

From this I can see that regular Chips Ahoy cookies are already pretty thin. This is a stack of 6 cookies each. I'd say 6 Thins = 5 Originals in height. 225 calories versus 266 calories. 

But you know what I really think it is. I think it's a chance for Nabisco to sell 7 oz of Chips Ahoy! Thins for the same price as the 13 oz Chip Ahoy! Originals. 

Since this is National Cookie Day, I'm not too interested in making this a fair fight. I'm going to also make cookies I know I'm going to love. Over a year ago, my sister-in-law made me a large batch of cookies, rolled them into balls, and we put them into the deep-freezer. 

I can pull out as many as I want, bake them from frozen at 365F for 13 minutes and I've got a hot, fresh, gooey chocolate chip cookie. 

Sorry Chips Ahoy, I have a feeling I know the winner ahead of time. 

Just for comparison, here is a look at the Thins, Originals, and homemade cookies. 

I asked the kids to come up with some categories that we can compare the cookies against. Alli had a simple criteria. Chocolate Chips. 

I asked Ian to think of as many different things as he could, and he did a great job thinking of categories that I wasn't even considering. 
  • Best cookie with milk
  • Best cookie most chocolate
  • Best cookie very moist
  • Best cookie Big
  • Best cookie most round
  • Best cookie makes my mouth a little dry (a good thing apparently)
  • Best cookie flavor is chocolate

Nothing better than a glass of milk to go along with our cookies. 

Reviewing the criteria one more time. Let's dig in. 

The thins are really crunchy. Breaking into pieces as you bite them. 

Doing the milk test. 

Seeing as how the Chips Ahoy ones are so dry, I think they actually do better with the milk dunking test. They absorb more milk. 

I think we've found our winner. 

Taking one more bite to verify. 

Well I can see by the cookies he didn't eat what the winner is. 

Aunt Rita's cookies wins all the categories but one. 
The most round cookie - Thins. 
So, with 1st place in 6 of the 7 categories, Aunt Rita wins our National Cookie Day comparison!

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  1. Slam dunk winner...Aunt Rita's homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven, with lots of gooey chocolate chips (yum, yum, yum)!! Only saving grace for the thins is that they taste better dunked in milk to soften them up :-) Ian really put on his thinking cap to come up with all those categories...nice brain storming, Ian! Alli is showing off her "cookie smile" at the end :-) EOM