Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Alli's first day visiting WDW Parks Part 1 - Epcot 2016/03/16

Continuing our story from 2016 about Alli's first visit to Walt Disney World, today is our very first day in the parks!

Alli, today is your very first trip to a Disney World park! Are you excited? 

We're staying at a house with a whole bunch of different family members. We've been hanging out together all week, but today everyone is going to do their own thing. Some are headed to the Magic Kingdom, others are going to Hollywood Studios. We'll see some of them randomly through the day.

For us, we're going with Theresa's parents to the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or EPCOT. 

Hey Alli! Your first Walt Disney World park visit is EPCOT! What do you want to do now? 

Ha, I think she's hungry. Ian is such a good big brother. 

Smile guys! We're at Disney!

Make a wish Ian. 

Checking out the map. Hmm, where should we go today? 

I like the WDW way of fastpasses. You can make reservations for 3 different things throughout the day at times that are convenient to you. For our first stop, we're going to meet up with some old friends. 
Ah, the simple times when a toy car can keep you entertained while waiting in line. 

Hi Mickey!

A picture with Mickey. 

And a hug. 

Everyone wanted to get a picture with the main mouse. 

Mickey noticed that there's one more child here, and wanted to take a look. 

A little kiss for the sleeping beauty. I swear that's a little smile on her face. 

Next we see Goofy!

Big smiles for Goofy. 

And Alli is awake now. Hi Goofy. 

Everyone gets a picture with Goofy while Ian gets a big hug from behind. 

Bye Ian! You stay here with Goofy. 

See ya Ian! 

Ian was not having that. Running back over to the family. 

Last is Minnie!

Alli is interested in Minnie. 

Nice to meet you. 

Love you Minnie Mouse. Bye!

Right next door to the Character Meet is Club Cool! We love Club Cool!

Ian, what do you think of the soda? 

Oh it's always fun to see someone trying the bitter Italian soda Beverly when they aren't suspecting it. 

Alli is wondering if this is how it works. 

Alli is tasting all the flavors in the air I'm assuming. 

Years ago I gave Chi her first unsuspecting taste of Beverly. She hated it then, but she still accepted a cup of it this time. 

Hey look! All the family is here! Together we went to one of Theresa's favorite places in Epcot. It's The Land! We're using our next fastpass here. 

Aww. I love this picture of Rita and Alli. It made me smile a lot, finding it when I'm going through my photos for this trip report over 4 years later. 

We enjoy the slow boat ride through the dark area and through the hydroponics bay. 

It's the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot right now, so Living with the Land is showing off their edible flower garden. 

Everyone is squeezed into the boat. 

Cool! Some alligators! 

And some cast members in the same tank with them. 

For the last of our 3 fastpasses, we're going under the sea with Nemo. 

I like seeing the differences between the rides we have back home and the rides here. 

We love feeding the ducks back home. They like Cheerios just as much here in Florida too. 

We're not really leaving the Future World section of Epcot today. We'll have to save the World Showcase for another trip. Back at Club Cool we're trying some more flavors. 

I think he likes this one much better. 

And before we leave, why not one more trip on Living with the Land. 

It's really nice to have all the wide open space here in Florida. They make it look beautiful during the Flower and Garden festival. 

And I love seeing all the character topiaries too. 

Including Huey, Dewey, and Louie!

Hi Monorail!

Any time we're together, we've got to get a group picture. 

Two of his best buddies right there. We're headed back to the car and then going to Disney's Animal Kingdom next!


  1. What a 1st visit to EPCOT for Alli...looks like she took to the Meet & Greet since she didn't get frightened by the "big" characters (they could be scary for some little ones the first time) Alli knows what's "finger lickin' good" when you're hungry :-)...and knows how to "taste" sodas in the air :-) Feeding the ducks was so much fun no matter where for the kids! It's really beautiful and colorful during the Flower & Garden Festival...such pretty plantings and really like the different topiaries. So much fun and so much to take in by Alli that morning. EOM

    1. It was a fun look back to when the kids were little.
      Ha! I'm glad I still have all these pictures and memories.
      The Flower and Garden festival is certainly beautiful. I'm looking forward to going back when things open up again.