Monday, November 30, 2020

Pizza at Home - Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza

Happy Sunday! It's pizza day again and today I've got another one of those "interesting" pizzas. I'd say that our Apple-Gorgonzola, Cheeseburger, Potato-Bacon-Egg-Cheese, and Pumpkin Pizzas were all in that category. Today's pizza is similar. 

We're going to have a pizza made with nothing but Thanksgiving Leftovers! 

There's no recipe I'm following today since it's based on whatever we have left from our Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday. We've got Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Brown Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, and Turkey. 

Hmm, how best to add the toppings? 

Using my own recipe for the dough, I mixed it all up, let it rise, punched it down, then let it rise again for 3 hours before I was ready to make pizza. Instead of using a tomato sauce, I'm spreading the brown gravy as my first layer. 

I put down a light layer of mozzarella cheese, then added the turkey chunks and stuffing crumbles. For the mashed potatoes, I put them into a ziplock bag and "piped" dollops all around the pizza. 

Looks pretty, doesn't it. There's just the cranberry sauce to go, but I have a feeling if I put it on the pizza now, it will turn back into liquid. It'll go on at the end. 

Just 12 minutes in the oven at 500F, it looks like this. Crispy on the bottom, puffy crust, not greasy. This really is my favorite homemade crust.  

Smile guys!

For the cranberry sauce, I put it into a ziplock piping bag as well, and made dollops all over the pizza. 

And just in case someone doesn't like the Thanksgiving pizza, I made a regular pizza that everyone should enjoy, with Canadian bacon, pepperoni, and pineapple. 

Upon hearing that one of the pizzas was Thanksgiving themed, Ian was very excited. He ate two helpings of food on Thanksgiving, so I know he likes the constituent components at least. This was a much different reaction than when I told them we were having a Pumpkin pizza. 

My first plate. How does it taste? 

So good! All these ingredients are tasty together on Thanksgiving for a reason. And now we're eating them on top of fresh, hot bread. It's savory and it really does need that cranberry sauce to balance it all with a little bit of sweet.
Richard and Chi were looking forward to this creation since I told them I was going to make it on Thanksgiving. They weren't disappointed, saying it's one of the better pizzas I've made. 
When asked, Ian said it was "perfect". In order of his favorites, 1. Thin Crust, 2. Regular Ian pizza (pepperoni), 3. Thanksgiving pizza. 
If we have extra food next Thanksgiving, this it going to be a really good use of the leftovers!


  1. My, oh, my...that was a VERY creative use of the Thanksgiving leftovers...never thought or heard of making a pizza with those ingredients!...beautiful execution with the piping of the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce! You're getting to be quite the creative pizza maker! Btw, on an unrelated note, not sure what's happening when I'm on this blog site but on 2 occasions on the last 2 days I read a post and tried to comment but wasn't successful. In each case the post disappeared entirely from the site when I returned to the home page (the posts involved Alli's 1st visit to EPCOT and the Reese's Dessert Bars) EOM

    1. Sorry about that. You're too quick for me sometimes. I write some of these ahead of time and only intend to publish one a day. When I shuffle things around, the dates occasionally get mixed up and two things go live. I think I pulled it back, but not until after you loaded it and started your comments.
      Unless you can think of any more pizzas, I think I'm starting to get into the creative realm now. I've done just about every "normal" pizza I can think of. Stay tuned for next Sunday. It's going to be another unique one!