Sunday, November 15, 2020

Honey Crisp Apple Juice

It's Fall so it's the season to be thinking about Apples. Around this time of year, we should be going to Apple Orchards and eating bunches of apples. That's not going to happen this year, but we can still do a little apple tasting. It's not quite going to be like last year when we tried 10 different kinds of apple, or 2018 when we had 7 different apples. For both of those taste tests, the favorite apple was Honey Crisp, so when Theresa saw this Honey Crisp apple juice, she knew we'd have to try it. 

Honey Crisp Apple Juice and some Honey Crisp Apples to try along with them. 
Theresa's 16 slice apple cutter comes in quite handy when we're eating apples. Eighths is a little too big. Sixteens is better. 

It was a good purchase from last year that we're still using. 

Time to eat them! The kids could barely wait. 

The kids do love their apples, and of all the different kinds we might buy, Honey Crisp is their favorite too. T keeps them in the fridge so they're nicely chilled. They're sweet and crunchy, not mushy. What's not to like? 

The juice was good too. Not quite as good as the apples themselves. Maybe because it's from concentrate. I don't know. 

While we're eating, the kids wanted me to read about our past apple taste test adventures. They love hearing our old stories. We also re-remember things that we did before. Like...

Combining two different flavors, like salty cheddar cheese and sweet apples. This is Alli back in 2018. 

And so she wanted to have some cheese with our apples again. 

Thanks Theresa!

Grammy and Grandpa came down not long after to try it all along with us. They loved them both. And it didn't take long for the kids to completely clear the plate of apple slices. Thanks Theresa! This was a good taste test!

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  1. Not only was it a yummy taste test, but a really nutritious one, too :-) Looks like Alli snuck an apple slice into her mouth before the "official" start :-) What a look-back picture of Alli from 2 years cute and growing so fast! Can't beat a crunchy, sweet apple like a honey crisp. EOM