Friday, November 6, 2020

National Nachos Day - November 6th

Happy Friday! Today is National Nachos Day

Nachos are pretty much open faced tacos, right? Except with nachos you can add a whole lot more toppings! You can put just about anything on them!
Kids - Anything...?

Ian - I want to put on Ranch powder and make it like a Taco Bell Doritos Locos Cool Ranch taco!
Alli - And I want to put on mustard!
Alright then, it's your nachos. Go for it. 

In addition to the more interesting toppings above, we've also got shredded cheddar cheese, black beans, and nacho cheese. 

Tortilla chips, ground beef, and tomatoes. 

Sour Cream, onions, and jalapenos. Not pictured are Taco Bell sauce and fresh lime juice. 

Richard and Chi joined us for nachos too, and Chi brought out some of her homemade salsa. 

Ian - Can we make this Nacho Friday? 
He's saying that because every Tuesday at our house is Taco Tuesday and he just loves it. Having two nights of similar foods would be even better!

She's loving her nachos, but really liked dipping her chips in mustard. Her grandpa dips his french fries in mustard and she's been imitating him for a few months now. The chips dipped in mustard is something new though. 

Well National Nachos Day was a success! Everyone loved them and it all came together in the kitchen pretty quickly too. Happy Nachos Day!

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  1. What a nachos platter with all those toppings...that's the beauty, you can put whatever you like to make your own special feast...yum, yum! Ian and Alli definitely had their own unique toppings to make their nachos extra special. Nacho Fridays sounds like a great and fun idea :-) EOM