Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! It's 2020 and Covid cases are skyrocketing, so our normal Thanksgiving plans have changed. Normally we'd either be visiting a whole bunch of family or having a bunch of family visit us. This year, we'll have to stick to Zoom visits, but let's continue on with the day. 

When we woke up this morning, Ian was in our bedroom saying that he had made a card for us. This wasn't a school assignment or anything. It's just Ian being Ian. So sweet buddy. We love it.  

Alli knows that Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and loving, so she's focused on wearing hearts to show love today. 

And all around the house, they've been leaving different notes or other thanksgiving things. She's got hearts that she's made out of magnets, and this is a Thanksgiving turkey made out of magnets (use your imagination). 

I was talking with the kids about how I knew there was an Easter Duffy, and a Halloween Duffy, but what about a Thanksgiving Duffy? 
Kids - We can make one!
They set to work on making outfits for not just Duffy, but also ShellieMay. Alli has Duffy laid out on a sheet of paper to trace his dimensions. 

Then she's cutting out a shirt for him. 

You might think they'd be dressed up as Pilgrims or something like that, but today we're being visited by Thanksgiving Turkey ShellieMay and Mashed Potatoes Duffy. 

I love it kids! Very creative!

Ian has drawn us a picture of everyone here around the Thanksgiving Table. 

These pictures have been around the house for the last week or so as the kids create them, but for today we're going to gather them all in one place. Some of them are from school assignments, but the majority are the kids just being the kids. Alli keeping with her heart theme made paper hearts for everyone in the household with their name and favorite color and hung them by their bed. 

Time to eat lunch! Theresa and Chi have pulled everything together pretty quickly this morning. 

It's a feast and it's everything we could have asked for. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, rolls, olives, pickles, cranberry sauce, and turkey loaf. 

How do we still have our Thanksgiving meal with the family? Zoom to the rescue. This was our setup so they could see everyone at our raised table. 

Starting at 11am PST, and 2pm EST, we all gathered around our respective tables to feast. 

Yum! And it has my personal favorite, and staple at the Flowers' house for Thanksgiving Dinner, Turkey Loaf with Gravy. 

It's completely processed and has the consistency of Spam, but it's got a flavor that I have come to love. And with no one else wanting any, choosing the regular turkey breast over it, that means it's all for me!

Along with the Zoom meetings, we traded texts and pictures with all the other family and friends, spread across the US. 

We're looking forward to when we can all be back together again in person. 

It looks like everyone's food has settled, and now it's time for dessert. With all the counter space in the kitchen taken up, I used the dining room table and led an instructional video about how to make Whipped Cream from scratch. 

No homemade pies for us today. Sam's Club does make a pretty tasty pie though.  

Alli, would you like a piece? 
Alli - Just a small piece of pumpkin. 
After I cut her a slice.
Alli - Well, a little bit bigger piece than that. 
It reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and his asking for a small smackeral of honey. 

That's better. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope that somehow you're still able to connect with family and that everyone stays safe. 


  1. What a full Thanksgiving day and meal...different feasts in different places, and "visiting" different family members! Ian created a very, very, sweet card!!; and love how Alli showed her thanksgiving and love for others with the heart outfit. Both Ian and Alli were busy drawing up lots of creative ideas to adorn the walls! You were too obliging when Alli asked for a "small piece"...can imagine her big eyes frowning at the first cut and thinking "I didn't mean that small!" (funny analogy to Winnie the Pooh, too)...good thing you were able to quickly fix that and bring her smiling eyes back! Happy Thanksgiving! EOM

    1. It's fun to see what the kids can come up with. Now that Thanksgiving is over, they've started to decorate for Christmas. It's going to be even bigger!