Thursday, November 12, 2020

Pizza at Home - National Pizza with the Works except Anchovies Day - November 12th

It's a National Pizza Day! Every Sunday since the beginning of June, I've been making a unique kind of pizza (24 by my count). Toppings and crusts have varied wildly, but there's one kind that I just haven't made. 

Richard let me know that his favorite type of pizza is actually The Works. A pizza with green bell peppers, onions, mushrooms,  olives, pepperoni, and instead of sausage, ham. Let's make it today for National Pizza with the Works except Anchovies Day!

Starting with the crust, I'm using the Artisan Crust from And this time I started 24 hours in advance like the recipe calls for. You don't even need a Kitchen-aid mixer. There's barely any mixing involved, so you can just use a wooden spoon to bring everything together. 

I finished all my pizza sauce from last time, so I'm trying another recipe. This one is called Easy Pizza Sauce III from For the spices there's oregano, garlic, and paprika. Using a technique from another sauce recipe, I moistened the spices and microwaved them for 60 seconds to bring out the flavors. 

Then it all gets mixed with the tomato paste and tomato sauce and refrigerated. 

The next day our Artisan dough is smelling fermented and is ready to go. 

All the ingredients are prepped. Time to make the pizzas!

Our first pizza, The Works. 

For our second pizza, I'm going to make a meat pizza. For the sauce spread though I'm leaving a wedge uncovered. I'm making a slice for Theresa without sauce. 

And while everyone else gets regular toppings, she's doing her own thing. 

The meat pizza is ready to go. 

Smile kids and grandpa! 

Grandpa's pizza, The Works. 

And a meat pizza for anyone else. 

Alright, here's the real test. 

It's getting a thumbs up! Can we have this pizza more often? 

Ian and Alli don't usually get this kind of pizza either, but they were willing to try it. 

Alli loves all kinds of food and thought it was just as good as any other pizza. Ian thought it was just okay, but prefers our regular pizzas instead. 

And how about Theresa's slice? 

That's how she likes it. No sauce, light cheese, and a bunch of toppings. 

My plate tonight. Just the meat pizzas for me, thank you. 
Happy National Pizza with the Works day!

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  1. Big thumbs up by Richard for his "The Works" pizza...definitely need to make that one more often :-) Great way to deliver a slice-of-pizza-to-order, while still keeping the pizza whole! Like the cute Tinker Bell soup cup. Soup and pizza sound like a yummy combo. EOM