Saturday, November 28, 2020

Starburst Strawberry Sorbet Bars

While wandering our local Dollar Tree, Ian happened to see a treat that we just had to try. It's a Pink Starburst Strawberry Sorbet bar! Starbursts are delicious. 

Pink Starbursts are so good, they sell them by the bag with just that flavor. You don't see that with Orange, Cherry, or Lemon. Just Strawberry. 
But the real question is, can they really get the flavor of their best candy into a sorbet bar? They had success with the Starburst Fruit By the Foot and Starburst Gum. Not so much with the Starburst Gelatin or Starburst Yogurt
How will the Starburst Sorbet Bar fare? We're about to find out!
The packaging is bright and cheery, just like the bright colors on a regular Starburst bag. Interesting that the sorbet contains only Natural Flavors. The chewy candies have both Natural and Artificial Flavors so I'm already thinking these aren't going to taste quite right. 

The size of the sorbet bar is just like a Starburst chew; square, just scaled up in size. And they did a pretty good job getting the color right too. 

Alright, that's enough picture taking. The sorbet is melting! It's time to eat them!
Both kids have been pushing to have this taste test. I randomly surprise them with which taste test we're going to do that night. When I told Alli that she was wearing the perfect color for tonight's taste test, they immediately guessed that it was time for the Starburst Bars and ran off to find Ian a pink shirt. 
Alli - Ian, you can borrow one of my shirts for tonight's taste test. 

Tasting the chews along with the sorbet pop, which one wins out? 

Thumbs up for the chews, obviously. 

Actually just thumbs up all around for everything. They loved the sorbet and the chewy candies. 

What do you think T? 
T - They don't taste like Pink Starburst. 
After tasting it, yeah, I agree with you. It's not a bad flavor, but it doesn't have that immediate recognition of pink strawberry Starburst flavor. I'll be sticking with the Starburst Chews if I want my pink starburst fix. 

During this whole time, I wasn't hearing a lot of talk coming from the kids. They were busy taking care of those sorbet bars. 

One last nibble on a pink Starburst. And we also get a look at Ian's (really Alli's) pink shirt. They end up doing this a lot, when they want to match the color of what we're tasting. Either turning a shirt backwards or inside out. 
Well it was a fun find Ian! The taste didn't quite work out, but you never know until you try!


  1. Well, even though the sorbet bar didn't have that strawberry Starburst flavor it seemed to be enjoyed by everyone (added plus is it's only 70 calories and all natural flavors!) Like the pink shades of the attire worn by Alli & Ian...definitely fits the color scheme of this taste test. Sharing clothes between siblings is something I grew up with, too :-) EOM

    1. With our love for Pink Starburst, we couldn't not try it. Strawberry anything is usually good, so it's hard to be disappointed.
      I do love that they think outside box, including their own clothes drawers.