Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Starburst Fruit by the Foot

Starburst, you keep coming out with new things! This time, they've teamed up with Fruit by the Foot to create a Starburst flavored fruit snack!
First there was the Starburst Yogurt. Then came the Starburst Jello. And then I found Starburst Gum when I was checking out from the supermarket.
Well the kids have been excited for this one. Let's check it out!

I was happy to see that there's all 4 flavors represented. Not like the Gelatin with only 3 of the 4 flavors.

All the packaging looks the same. How are we supposed to tell the flavors apart?
Turns out that on the side, each of the flavors has been printed. I was happy to see that in a box of 12 we got 3 Strawberry, 3 Lemon, 3 Orange, and 3 Cherry. 

How's the color matching? Not great, but it's the taste that really matters.

Alright, that's enough talking. It's time for eating.

Fruit by the Foot advertises 3 long feet of fruity fun. That's a lot of feet of fruit snacks.

We're not going to be eating 12 feet each. Instead we're going to be eating 1/4 of each flavor. I was on hand with the scissors to do the trimming.

We tasted each flavor of Fruit by the Foot and then tasted the Starburst for comparison.

Someone is little Miss Organized. Making sure to leave a little Fruit by the Foot and some Starburst to go back to so she can decide her favorite.

And Ian's done this before. He's saving a few bites of his too.

So how did they do matching up the flavors this time? Let's go in the order that we tasted these in.
Cherry - That's a cherry Starburst right there. Having the gummy texture of the FBTF was a little weird though.
Orange - Yes, again they got it right. It's got that hint of creaminess that comes with a Starburst Orange.
Lemon - Three in a row. I could close my eyes and think these were Starbursts if it wasn't for the odd texture.
Alright, here's the big one. Can they match the best candy flavor ever? Strawberry Starburst.
I'll let the kids respond.

Strawberry - Nailed it! This tastes like a Strawberry Starburst!

Wow, Fruit by the Foot, you did a really good job getting all these flavors just right! I'm impressed!
Everyone voted for their favorites, and it was almost a run-away. Three voting for strawberry with 1 dissenter voting for lemon. Theresa liked lemon more tonight for some reason. Go figure.


  1. Nailed it!! questions on whether the strawberry FBTF tasted like the Starburst Strawberry candy :-) Looks like Alli & Ian had fun stretching out the entire 3 ft of FBTF in their outstretched arms. I think the manufacturer lost a chance to do some creative packaging for the different flavors of FBTF rolls...disappointed the wrapper type was all the same, aside for that name label...oh well, at least they got the flavors down, which was more important! EOM

    1. Totally missed out on some great packaging. Imagine if they looked like the lemon, orange, cherry, or strawberry Starburst wrappers, depending on the flavor inside. That would have been awesome!
      But you're right, the flavors are the most important part of it all. And getting Strawberry correct is a true win.