Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Starburst Gum

Starburst is coming out with a bunch of brand new things! So far this year we've tried Starburst Yogurt and Starburst Gelatin. And today we get to try another Starburst item. It's Starburst Gum!

And today we're going to compare them to the original Starburst. Can the flavors hold up? We will see!

I'm happy to see that all four of the classic flavors are represented. Not like the Starburst Gelatin that was missing the Orange flavor.

Removing the wrapper of the gum container, these are chiclet style gum. They're not quite the same shape as the candies, but they're rectangular. They're made by the Mars Wrigley Corporation.

The package promises 15 sugar-free gum pieces, and sure enough, there's 15 pieces. Good distribution of the flavors too. 4-4-4-3. The colors don't match up so well with the candies, but it's the flavors that I'm really interested in for these.

Will the ever elusive Strawberry Starburst flavor (the best candy flavor there is) be accurately represented? We shall see!

All the flavor for these is going to be on the outside. We can see that the inner centers of these are the same white gum base.

If we're going to be doing a gum taste test, we've got to get our two resident gum chewers here. Theresa and Alli love all forms of gum. We'll see how this one holds up.

First up is the Lemon flavored gum.
And I have to say, they nailed the flavor. This gum tastes just like a Lemon Starburst Candy (for the first 15 seconds). After that, the flavor starts fading, like with all gums of this type.

Next is Cherry. And as with the yogurt and gelatin, they got the flavor exactly right with the Cherry too.
What about the Orange gum? Hmm. That's odd. It does not taste like the Starburst Orange candy. How'd they get this one wrong? We have the candy to taste it against and it's just not right. Theresa had an interesting way to describe it.
Theresa - It tastes like Tabasco without any of the spicy flavor. Not good.
I think that means she thought it had a little bit of a vinegar flavor.

Alright, here's the big test. Starburst Strawberry. They couldn't do it with the yogurt or the gelatin. Can they match the flavor with the gum?
Yes! Absolutely! Checking around the entire table, everyone agreed that they did a brilliant job matching the delicious Starburst Strawberry flavor with the gum. Thumbs up Starburst!

Thumbs up all around. What's everyone's favorite? Starburst Strawberry all around. And the second favorite was Starburst Cherry.
My one complaint is that these pieces of gum are really small. At 2g each, they're not even as big as a stick of gum (2.7g). They're closer in size to a piece of Trident gum (1.9g).

And does it bubble? Kind-of. This was the result of 4 pieces.
But still, if you're in the mood for Starburst and you really like gum, these just might be for you!


  1. Looks like you'll need to chew all the pieces to get that BIG bubble :-) What a funny description by Theresa on the orange a few chuckles from me when I read that! Yay for the strawberry flavor since I like that flavor the best :-) EOM

    1. It's definitely not a bubble chewing gum. Agreed! I love that they got the strawberry flavor right!