Thursday, September 10, 2020

A massive 15 Goldfish cracker taste test comparison!

There's times when we get the urge to TRY ALL THE THINGS! We've tried 12 Lays Chips with our Flavors of America taste test, 17 M&Ms at one time, 19 kinds of Pringles in one sitting, 28 Kit Kat Flavors, and a whopping 53 different Reese's flavors at once.
Today it's not quite to those levels, but I did buy every single flavor of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers that I could find. We've got 15 different varieties today!
I love the fishes cause they're so delicious! Gone Goldfishin'!

That Goldfish jingle just gets stuck in your head, and I remember it almost every time I see Goldfish. Both that song and the other one,
"Here's our Jingle for Goldfish. Yes baked and not fried goldfish. The wholesome snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off!"
There's so many variations of the commercial that they've got an 8 minute video with variations of that song.

The kids saw a few of these in the closet and wanted to do the Goldfish Taste Test they knew I had. They were amazed when I kept pulling more and more of them out of the closet.

How should we organize them this time? Alli was pushing for color. Ian said alphabetical. Let's try alphabetical! Some decisions need to be made though Ian. For things like Cheddar and Xtra Cheddar, is that filed under C and X? Ian said yes.

With that in mind, Ian and Alli helped sort things out and then put them in order. I liked how they organized things. First they grouped everything by letter, then once that was all figured out, they sorted them by the second letter.

It's a giant school of Goldfish!

We've got 15 different varieties, which actually consists of 17 different Goldfishes. More if you consider that the colored goldfish have a little different flavor. Now for this taste test, I was aiming for different flavors, not different shapes. I know there's Baby Goldfish, Mickey Goldfish, and more.
Today we're going to taste in alphabetical order:
Cheddar (which happens to be the one I associate with Goldfish, love how that worked out), Cheddar - Princess, Cheddar - Colors, Cheddar Jack'd, Cheesy Pizza, Cheesy Tomato, Original, Parmesan, Pizza, Pretzel, S'mores, Sour Cream & Onion, Sweet Carrot, Vanilla Cupcake, and Xtra Cheddar.

We've got a lot of Goldfish packages to open! I want to preserve the package for pictures so all of them get opened from behind. I was trying to think which containers I had 15 of that I can put these in that were all the same. My Shaved Ice water puck containers worked out great!

Kids, we've got to smile because these are the Snack that Smiles Back! Goldfish!
I used the Panorama feature to capture all 15 bags of Goldfish. It worked great!

We're going to taste all these in alphabetical order, so our very first cracker is the classic Cheddar Goldfish cracker. Original invented in 1958 by a Swiss biscuit manufacturer, these were brought to the United States in 1962 by Pepperidge Farm.
Now, here's a trivia question for you. What's the first ingredient in any package of Goldfish? Go ahead and guess.

Goldfish are made with Smiles!
We're going to be tasting all these and keeping track with what our favorites are.
These Cheddar Goldfish are... a little plain.

I know I said I was only going with new flavors, but any time there's different colors involved, it's possible to have a different flavor. These colors come from plants!

That means to get the pink color, they're using Beet Juice Concentrate. It's subtle, but it does seem to have a little bit of a different flavor to it.
Alright, here's another bit of trivia. That Goldfish on the front of the regular Goldfish package, what's its name? Got your guess in?

His name is Finn! Take a look at the front of any of these packages. His name is right below him!
There's actually a whole group of Goldfish characters, with different personalities. Finn, Brooke, Xtreme, Gilbert, Swimmington, and Coral. They even go on adventures! There's a whole series of episodes!
The Cheddar Princess Goldfish tasted a lot like the regular Cheddar crackers. Just a little plain.

You got it Alli, next we're going to try Goldfish Colors. Try all the flavors!

Goldfish Colors comes with 4 fun colors, Yellow-Orange, Orange, Red, and Green. At one point these colors came in bright Pink and bright Purple, but back in 2010 they switched to all-natural colors sourced from plants.

That means that to get the colors, they're using Beet, Huito, and Watermelon Juice concentrate, as well as Paprika and Turmeric extracts. Can you taste them? Absolutely! Does it matter? Probably not, again it's subtle. You can probably only tell if you're tasting them right next to each other.

Now we're getting into the bigger and bolder flavors!
From the jingle, "We call them Flavor Blasted cause they're blasted with more flavor!"
They certainly do punch up the flavor of these crackers. That cheese dust makes the regular Cheddar Goldfish flavor even better!

And now we're getting into the more exotic flavors. Flavor Blasted Cheesy Pizza. These boost things up with a spicy tomato sauce flavor.

These Veggie cracker Goldfish crackers have 1/3 servings of Tomatoes per serving (57 crackers). These do have a more vegetable flavor to them. Not like a ketchup, but more fresh tomato. Not bad.

And they come in a cute smiling tomato shape too!

These Original Goldfish crackers are plain soup crackers. Really similar to saltine crackers. I'm sure they have their place, but I've never been a fan of putting crackers into my soup.

Parmesan Goldfish instead of Cheddar Goldfish? Everyone in the group tried them and everyone in the group said they weren't very good. It had an off aftertaste. We'll stick with our Cheddar Goldfish thank you very much.

We tried the Flavor Blasted Cheesy Pizza Goldfish, but these are the regular Pizza Flavored Goldfish. There's a pizza flavor there, but really, you'll want to go with the Flavor Blasted Goldfish if you like this one. The extra powder seasonings of Flavor Blasted really delivers on the flavor.

Pretzel Goldfish are a different take on the regular Goldfish cracker. Pepperidge Farm did a good job turning their regular crackers into mini Pretzels. They're more dense than a regular Goldfish cracker and have a good crunch.

Here's another unique take on their usual cracker. These are sweet!
There's two different cracker flavors, Graham and Chocolate, and even fish shaped marshmallows!
The Graham cracker fishes are just like mini snack graham crackers. The Chocolate fishes are not as sweet and provide a good chocolatey flavor. The fishy marshmallows are freeze-dried marshmallows similar to those you might find in a bag of Lucky Charms.

The kids both stacked two grahams, one chocolate, and then a mallow to make classic S'mores!

Flavor Blasted Goldfish comes in Sour Cream & Onion! It's certainly one of our favorite flavors when it comes to chips. Will it be a favorite here? We will see! Theresa said it's heavy on the onion, and I can certainly see that.

Someone is going in for a second helping.
I've been noticing that they've been grabbing 4-5 of each flavor, but I'm not seeing them eat all of them. Where are all those extra Goldfish going?

Aha! Caught you! They've been hiding them behind the bags where I couldn't see!

Our second round of Veggie Goldfish are Sweet Carrot flavored. They've got 1/3rd servings of carrots per serving (56 pieces).
Everyone tasted them and we were just waiting and waiting to get the flavor. Theresa said they tasted like nothing. I chewed up a couple pieces and left the mash on my tongue. It tasted like pureed baby food if you gave it some time.

They do have cute smiles on these special carrot shapes.

Another dessert Goldfish Graham cracker is Vanilla Cupcake flavor. They're sweet and tasty. The Vanilla comes through in these Graham Cracker pieces.

Our final Goldfish Cracker is Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar. Take your Cheddar Goldfish and now they have a "Taste that really lingers till you lick it off your fingers." Their jingles are really cute.

Alright, that's 15 different bags of Goldfish. Time to start picking favorites!
Alli thinks the Flavor Blasted Sour Cream & Onion are the best, but she's not going to turn down any of the flavors.

Someone is a big fan of Pretzels and Ian loves the salty crunch of the Goldfish Pretzels.

His recently lost tooth has grown into a pretzel!

Theresa (not pictured by choice) says her favorite is the Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar Goldfish. She likes that extra boost of flavor.

For me, I like savory, but my favorite out of all these has been the sweet Goldfish S'mores crackers. They're a mix of multiple different flavors and I think they're delicious.

Last but certainly not least, Richard gives his vote to the Flavor Blasted Sour Cream & Onion.
That means that for the five of us, Sour Cream & Onion is the winner! And while the classic Cheddar cracker might be the 2nd most popular cracker in the United States, given the choice, we're all picking something that's a twist on the original.

What do you think kids? Good taste test?
I hope so. Now you've got 15 bags of crackers to eat before they go stale!


  1. Must be my sweet tooth showing through since I had picked the S'mores version, too, after I read the description...once I read graham cracker + chocolate + marshmallow, I was in :-) The smiling tomato and carrot shapes are definitely cute looking. Very nice graphic aligning the 15 fish flavors with labels and the "Goldfish" logo...LIKE! Didn't know there were so many different Goldfish flavors (also like the different color pretty!). Fun school lesson on alphabetizing...teachable moments abound, even during a Goldfish taste test :-) P.S. First time seeing & hearing the Goldfish jingle! EOM

    1. I knew there were a lot, but that many! No, way!
      It was fun to see so many different favorites. It took a little while, but we finally got through them all! And I thought we'd take a break from Goldfish, but it didn't take long for us to get a few more from the grocery store.

  2. OMG! where you find all this 15 goldfish crackers?

    1. Between my local Ralphs (Kroger) and Vons (Safeway), they had pretty much everything from what I remember.