Monday, September 7, 2020

Pizza at Home - Potato, Egg, Bacon, and Cheese Pizza

It's Sunday so it's Pizza Day again! I love Pizza Day, but truthfully I'm starting to have a hard time coming up with new ideas. This one is inspired by a delicious place here in Los Angeles called Pizzeria Mozza. They have some unique offerings, and one really tasty one that Theresa and I loved was their Egg & Bacon pizza. It has Yukon Gold potatoes and onions on it too. That's like a breakfast pizza! Seeing as how I've made dessert pizza, and all those other pizzas, it's totally appropriate that I'm making a breakfast pizza too!

I couldn't exactly find a recipe for the Pizzeria Mozza pie, so I'll be borrowing from a few different recipes and combining them myself.
Since this is an artisan style pizza, I'm going back to the delicious Artisan Pizza Crust from I didn't have 24 hours to wait like the recipe suggested, so instead of the 1/8th teaspoon of yeast the recipe suggested, I'm putting in the normal amount for this amount of flour. When it all came together, I set it off to the side to rise.

I'm also going to need some bacon. Good thing I remember how to make flat bacon. Twenty five minutes at 425F with another pan on top to keep them flat.

You know how the house smells wonderful when you're cooking bread? It smells so good when you're cooking bacon too!

For the potatoes, I'm using these baby golds. After rinsing them, I used the mandolin to cut thin slices. You don't even have to peel these!

I drizzled olive oil on them and tossed them with kosher salt and pepper. I'm using a recipe from for this part.

My dough is ready! I turned it out onto my pizza peel and turned it into a circle.

Then you brush the dough with olive oil.

And then layer it with the potato slices. No sauce other than olive oil!

I lightly sprinkled some cheese over the top. Then this is going into the 500F oven for 10 minutes.

Because I know my family, I'm making a regular pizza tonight too. Nothing fancy. Just salami, pepperoni, and parmesan.

After 10 minutes, this is starting to look delicious. The thin slices of potato are cooking and the cheese is browning. Time for the next step.

I had an egg setting out and coming up to room temperature since I starting putting the pizza together. This egg is going right into the center. Egg on pizza? We'll see what happens.

Since my bacon is pre-cooked, I really just need to warm it up. I also put some onions on at this point too.
I wasn't sure how to bake it after this. Thankfully had my back. She suggested 5 minutes to have a slightly runny egg. That's what I'm going for.
At 5 minutes, Theresa and I thought it needed a little more and went for another 3 minutes.

To top it off, Theresa picked some fresh rosemary from the garden. Then she diced it very finely because no one likes food to taste like you're eating a pine tree. After everything had baked, I sprinkled it on top of the pizza.

I called everyone to the table and boy was I getting some dubious looks.
Ian - Is it National Weird Day?

I had a feeling they might react that way, so I was recording video of it.

Let's eat them!

Here's my Potato, Egg, Bacon, Onion, and Cheese pizza. It certainly looks interesting.
Unfortunately I think that extra 3 minutes pushed the egg a little too far. Bummer. And if I were to do it again, I'd also undercook my bacon so that when it went for an extra 5 minutes it would be a little less crispy.

The other pizza turned out great, just like I was expecting.

How unfortunate. I was hoping for a runny yolk. Oh well. It'll still taste good.

My first plate.

Chi said that she had never heard of a potato pizza before. Richard either. But they both tried it and thought it was good.

Alright kids, I know you've been holding off. It's time.
I cut them each a small slice.

Alli thought it was great! Two thumbs up!
Ian wouldn't say anything. I asked if that's because he didn't have anything nice to say, and he said yes. Oh well. Can't please everyone.

Theresa and I thought the potato pizza was fantastic, even with the overcooked egg! She said I can make her an artisan style pizza any time. I think she's a fan of pizzas without tomato sauce.


  1. It's "National Weird Day"!!! (lol)...look at those expressions on Alli & Ian as they looked at the artisan pizza before trying telling :-) Alli's description of flower petals and the center of the pizza is how I was seeing the creative design, too! I like the potato idea, along with the egg center (as an alternative, would whisked eggs drizzled between the bacon and in the center be a viable option for those wanting more eggs on top?)...the bacon adds color and that extra flavor, especially for bacon lovers! Ian learned his lesson well: "If one has nothing nice to say, don't say anything! :-)" That was a fun, creative pizza night! EOM

    1. I thought the potato pizza was great! Just a shame about that egg. I think once I run out of pizza ideas it'll be something to revisit.