Thursday, September 3, 2020

Making Lucilles BBQ at Home!

Tonight the Flowers' house is becoming a BBQ joint. One of the tastiest we have in the South Bay is Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que. There's quite a few tasty offerings, but the best has to be the baby back ribs. Let's get cooking!

At one point, Theresa would only order ribs from 1 location. It was only Lucille's BBQ that could make them fall-off-the-bone tender and they had a delicious flavor. I had tried using my electric smoker to recreate them, but they'd always be tough.
And then a friend introduced me to a new way of making ribs and we've been making them that way ever since! The recipe comes from These ribs got double wrapped in foil and have been sitting in a 300F oven for about 4 hours. Let me tell you, around hour 2, the house starts smelling fantastic. Once 4 hours is complete, they go out to the grill to get a little smoke.

We're going to have cornbread muffins along with our dinner.

And baked potatoes got coated with oil and kosher salt, then placed in a 300F oven for 45 minutes (they're small).

One of my other favorite side dishes are their sweet potato fries. It's usually pretty hit and miss for how these turn out at the restaurant. They're usually soggy. I'll be fixing that at home by deep frying these for a bit longer than normal fries. I think they went for 8 minutes or so in 375F oil.

For our beverage, I love Lucille's Sidewalk Fresh Lemonade. I made a big container of lemonade from juice we squeezed ourselves and then blended it with different fruits.

And it's served in a Ball Mason jar. I think we can do that. Yep, four flavors. Original, Peach, Strawberry, and Watermelon.

It's all been smelling so tasty, now I'm ready to eat!

These kids have been excited to try the different lemonades. Though Ian did comment that we tried more flavors of lemonade on Lemonade Day.

These ribs are going to be great. For the 6 of us, I made a rack and a half. Perfect for us.

The sweet potato fries were crunchy and delicious. It's served with honey, so we're going to do that too.

Everyone loved the cornbread muffins.

And a side of corn on the cob too.

Theresa did a great job making these potatoes look good.

Smile everyone!

Fall-off-the-bone. It's so tender.

My plate tonight. There's potato, sweet potato, corn, corn muffin, ribs, and a strawberry lemonade.


His loose tooth makes it hard to eat corn on the cob.

Alli wasn't so sure she liked sweet potato fries, but once I told her she could dip them in honey, she was happy.

Now she's sure she likes sweet potato fries. They're a good delivery system for honey.

And this boy loves his ribs. Lucille's at Home was yummy tonight!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm...look at those tender ribs slathered with the bbq sauce..yummy! Smelling the baking ribs for 2 additional hours once the first 2 hours passed must have been torture...can imagine the anticipation to finally eat them! Corn-on-the-cob just doesn't mix well with loose teeth (or braces!) What a pretty garnish presentation on the baked potato..that touch of green and yellow gave it a nice colorful look. Like the watermelon/lemonade combo...sounds so refreshing. What a bbq feast with all the fixings, too!! EOM

    1. Ever since I got this recipe for ribs, I love making ribs at home. They come out so tender and tasty. The smell in the house is a nice added bonus.
      We're finally starting to run out of lemon juice. At the beginning of summer we juiced 80 pounds of lemons and we're just starting to run out of the juice we froze.