Friday, September 18, 2020

Mountain Dew Doritos - Imported from Australia

We've got something special today! We love Mountain Dew! And now Doritos has a new Limited Edition flavor that tastes like Mountain Dew? We've got to try it!

And just like our usual taste tests around here, we're going to have it with Mountain Dew soda.

Now I'd like to say that I'm a big Mountain Dew fan. Behind Dr. Pepper, it's my next favorite soda. But there's someone in my family that's a little bit bigger Mountain Dew fan, and that's my brother Patrick. Why yes, this is a picture of him drinking Mountain Dew out of a Mountain Dew glass, insulated by a Mountain Dew koozie, while wearing a Mountain Dew shirt and a Mountain Dew pants.

I mean, even at his wedding, his Groom's cake was shaped like a can of Mountain Dew, and it tasted like it too!

And so it was no surprise that he'd be the first to show me that there was a brand new chip flavor coming out. Mountain Dew Doritos! Yes, this was all the way back on March 30th, 2020.
There's only one problem. Mountain Dew Doritos are only released in Australia. That's going to make it a little more difficult. But thanks to international eBay, less than 30 minutes after getting his text, I had an order placed!

And of course I couldn't order just 1 bag for myself. I had to get a second bag to send him. After all, he did get me some Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos from Japan back in 2014 (before I really started writing things like this up).

So I placed my order, and then I waited, and waited.
Now this was around when COVID started blowing up everywhere, so that might have had something to do with why my package took forever to clear customs, but finally in July, I got a package with a customs form on it. They're finally here!

Wow, the chips are actually dusted with green powder. And they have a citrusy smell mixed with a corn chip smell.

The back of the bag says "After a Refreshing Zesty Zing? We've combined the lemon citrus flavour of Mountain Dew with the signature Doritos full-on crunch! Do you snack bold?"

And according to this, these are Doritos Citrus Beverage Flavoured Corn Chips. Ingredients include Lime Juice Powder and Citrus Beverage Powder.
Thank you for making these!

Alright kids, we've waited long enough for these. It's finally time to eat them! The kids were excited because they don't get soda very often.

Time to eat them!

Well, what do you guys think?

Okay, so Ian isn't a fan. Nor is Theresa. Alli started with 1 thumb up, but then changed it to all ten fingers up!

I gave it a try and I think they're fine. Like a lime corn tortilla chip.

Alli is going for both flavors at once.

A little Mountain Dew soda with a bite of Mountain Dew Doritos at the same time.

And who happened to wander by while we were doing our taste test but Grandpa. Grandpa, would you like to try these Mountain Dew Doritos all the way from Australia? He did and he also thought they were pretty tasty.

Well over the past couple days, we've tried two interesting soda flavored creations. I pulled the rest of our Dr. Pepper cotton candy out of the closet and Ian helped me finish it up. He much preferred the Dr. Pepper cotton candy over the Mountain Dew chips.


  1. Quite a long trip for the Doritos chips, and an even longer wait for them to arrive! Patrick is definitely "Mr. Mountain Dew"!!!...what a complete outfit :-)...wonder what he thought of the chips. At least the chips' color seemed to match the soda fairly well. Looks like the soda, itself, is the ultimate winner! EOM

    1. Hopefully Patrick can fill us in on what he thought of the chips.
      I was surprised at the color of the chips too. Green I was not expecting.