Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Taste testing Dr Pepper Cotton Candy

This week we've got an interesting new offering. If you ask me what my favorite soft drink is, that's easy, Dr. Pepper.
I'm a Pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?
The kids certainly would. Their favorite soft drink (of the few they've tried) is Dr Pepper also! So when I suggested a few different things we could do for our taste test, as soon as they heard Dr Pepper, they were in! But Dr Pepper Cotton Candy? That's interesting.

This Cotton Candy is brought to you Taste of Nature, Inc. They're located in Santa Monica CA and they've got a few more interesting products at

Speaking of Being a Pepper, here's that commercial from the 70s. At one point in college, I even had an "I'm a Pepper" t-shirt.

Made in the USA.

Time for a couple more photos. I opened the bag and my two little mini-mes both wanted to smell it.

They're excited.

Out of the bag, it's a pretty dense cotton candy. Not like fresh homemade cotton candy that' very light and airy.

And of course we're tasting it against the real thing. With its blend of 23 flavors, Dr Pepper is pretty delicious.

Alli - It looks like it came out of the dryer.
Haha, yes it does, doesn't it.

We're trying the Cotton Candy first because I'm concerned the flavor will be subtle. And as soon as we drink the liquid, it'll be hard to taste the cotton candy.

Thumbs up from the kids. My turn to taste.

Interesting. When I first taste it, I'm getting some cherry flavor, but there's certainly something else there too.

And as for the drink?

Thank you Charles Alderton for creating Dr. Pepper all the way back in 1880! We love it!

Alright, pop quiz. Which one has more sugar? One serving of Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy (28g) or One serving of Dr. Pepper soda (12 oz)?
Unsurprisingly 28g of Dr. Pepper cotton candy has 28g of sugar and 110 calories.
And for 12 oz of Dr. Pepper soda, that'll be 40g of sugar and 150 calories!


  1. HaHa...looks like it came out of the dryer...does look like a big, colored lint ball :-) (in that last photo, with the "lint ball" all "torn apart", it reminded me of some raw red meat that's been "hammered and stretched") Did the cotton candy "smell" like Dr. Pepper? Hadn't seen a Dr. Pepper commercial in ages...the tune & lyrics bring back memories! P.S. Did you ever do the "Pepsi vs Coca Cola" challenge? Not sure how long it lasted, so it may have been a little before your time. EOM

    1. The color of the cotton candy is certainly interesting. I think a few people were put off by what it looks like, but it tastes just fine.
      It did have a Dr Pepper-like smell to it. After the taste test, Ian was wanting more the next day.
      I do remember those Coke/Pepsi challenges. I remember them twice from when I was growing up, so I guess I'm old enough to remember them. My preference is Pepsi and when I did the challenge, I remember picking Pepsi. But really the differences are subtle and I'm not so stuck on a brand that I would pick it exclusively.