Friday, September 4, 2020

Hawaiian Shaved Coffee and Shaved Snow

It wasn't long ago that we made Hawaiian Shaved Ice at home. While we were doing that, Ian was getting creative, wanting to make different things using the Shaved Ice Maker. He's got something special in store for Grandpa. Shaved Coffee!

When I was getting the pucks frozen last time, Ian wanted to make one out of coffee and make shaved coffee special for his Grandpa who loves coffee.

The puck went in brown up above, but it's coming out white down below. Ian said that even though it's noisy, he wants to be here to make it for Grandpa.

The chef has to taste his creation, right?

Thumbs up from him. Grandpa, it's good to try.

And waiting with anticipation to hear Grandpa telling him that he did a good job. Grandpa thought it was tasty (though he said to be honest, he's not a big fan of cold coffee).

It's a hot one this weekend, so the kids are wanting to have shaved ice too.
The kids were intrigued by my shaved snow last week, so I frozen a whole lot more milk pucks for this weekend. Alli wanted to sample strawberry, lemon, and watermelon, along with a snow cap on her shaved snow.

Ian just wanted all watermelon on his shaved snow.

I'm having a pineapple and strawberry with a snow cap. It's yummy with the frozen milk! We're enjoying our weekend in our front yard with hammocks and pop-up tents. The kids have been eating their meals out here, and I've already spent hours reading Disney books to them.

Someone likes to wait until hers turns into soup.

Playing some ladder ball in the front yard. I don't know how he ended up landing his like this, but it's got to be worth a lot of points.

The very next day, more frozen treats. I'm out of milk pucks for the moment, but they still wanted shaved ice. They're going for a red/pink theme for some reason. Alli with strawberry/cherry/watermelon and Ian with watermelon/cherry.
Stay cool this weekend!


  1. That shaved ice/snow is perfect for this HOT weekend!! Ian's shaved coffee idea was a thoughtful and creative idea for Grandpa. Having the pop-up tents and hammocks is a great way to "get out" and enjoy the outdoors...seeing Ian and Alli playing outdoors and just "doing whatever" to be active is so "freeing" and fun for their young minds and bodies! Try to stay cool this weekend, too! EOM

    1. Agreed! I much prefer them to be playing outside and being active, than being inside doing nothing. When it's beautiful weather, we've got to take advantage of it!