Monday, September 14, 2020

Pizza at Home - Frozen Pizza

It's Sunday which means it's time for pizza! But sometimes you just get a little busy and don't exactly have time to make homemade pizza. In those cases, that freezer staple, frozen pizza is always there for you.

There's plenty of varieties you could get, but our preferred version is the rising crust meat pizza from DiGiorno. And they're cheap too! Just $3.75 each from Sams Club.

And it's perfectly acceptable to just have a frozen pizza like DiGiorno makes straight. But over time, after having enough of these, I've discovered that I like to add a few more of my own toppings to make it even better. The first is Goat Cheese. I buy a log from Sams Club, cut it into quarters, and freeze it. When I'm ready for it, I let it sit on the counter for a few hours, and then it's perfect for sprinkling over the pizza.

I know there's some controversy about whether pineapples belong on pizza. Personally, I love them! And so do many of the people in this household. While I could add the pineapples directly to the top of the pizza before baking, I have a better way. Since pineapples are so juicy, when they heat up, they release a bit of juice when they cook in the oven. I've had many frozen pizzas where the center is still soggy due to all the juice that came out. My method involves heating them on the stove over high heat then putting them on top of the pizza after it's done.

The pizza is out of the oven! See what I mean about soggy? Even without the pineapple it has a little puddle of liquid in the middle.

Time to top it with pineapple. How much is enough? Can you see any pizza underneath it? That's just enough.
Frozen pizzas are a bit sloppy from the manufacturer, aren't they? Cheese all over the place, including the crust. Sauce going over the edges.

Let's eat! Extra pineapple on the side and broccoli too.

I'll take some apple sauce with mine.

How is it Ian?
Ian - It's not as good as Daddy's pizza, but it's still good.

Yep, even okay pizza is still good pizza. Especially when you load it with extra toppings!


  1. :-) :-) "Not as good as Daddy's pizza but still good." true Ian (and Daddy's pizzas look prettier, too!) The extra home-selected toppings always help make the pizza that much better. Nice tidbit on the pineapple juices making the pizza even soggier. EOM

    1. (Almost) any pizza is good pizza. I've made a few weird ones, but there's usually something to like about them.
      Goat cheese is a delicious topping for pizza. I can't remember when I had it first, but I'm glad I found it. It takes a frozen pizza from just okay, to delicious!